Subnautica: New game content is available – game updates

of Lucas Ott
The standalone add-on has been in early access for less than a month and new content is already available. The developer studio Unknown Worlds delivers in the last update called Lost Ship new creatures, environmental effects and a huge sunken ship.

Subnautica (buy now for € 11.90): Below Zero is Early access since January 30th. With the latest patch, the Survival Game more game content added. The biggest innovation, as the name Lost Ship already suggests, is the lost ship. The wreck has two parts, one near the water lily island and the other near the hydrothermal gap. According to Alterra, when exploring, care should be taken to ensure that the condition of the wreck is poor and that there is a risk of collapse. Dangerous sea creatures cause additional difficulties when examining the ship.

Below Zero has also included a new creature since the update, which mimics the behavior of other animals. The animals with the name Trivalve appear very playful to the players. They look more like friendly deep-sea cuddly toys. If you are looking for even more adventures, you should explore the deep lily pad cave below the lily pad island. This new biome contains a lot of resources in combination with glowing plants. When traveling underwater, more caution will be required in the future. For example, spear-like ice structures should be kept in mind. When touched, the so-called brinciles freeze the character.

According to Unkown Worlds, Below Zero is expected to remain in early access until next year. However, should content appear as frequently as it currently appears, the official release only plays a minor role. The main thing is that there is continuous work on the game and improvements quickly find their way into the game.

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