It will take a while before we see actress Alicia Vikander in the role of Lara Croft again in the cinema. The production company MGM has now postponed the release of Tomb Raider 2 indefinitely. The film should actually be released in March 2021. Here, too, the pandemic is primarily responsible for the change in plan at MGM. So the shift is by no means surprising. Filming for Tomb Raider 2 should have started several months ago.

The sequel was announced last year. The director was Ben Wheatley, who has worked on Kill List and Free Fire, among other things. Like its predecessor, Tomb Raider 2 will probably be based on a game from the current trilogy. However, you seem to skip Rise of the Tomb Raider and adapt the script of Shadow of the Tomb Raider for the new film with Alicia Vikander.

Tomb Raider: Exciting action in the new German trailer

The 2018 film adaptation grossed around $ 274 million at the box office. Apparently enough to produce a successor as well. Incidentally, Tomb Raider 2 isn't the only MGM film that has been postponed in the past few weeks. Also James Bond: No Time to Die will only be released in cinemas in April 2021. Reports also surfaced this week that Netflix and Apple were interested in an exclusive release on their streaming platform. But this deal has probably failed. James Bond will be shown in the cinema as usual.

Source: Deadline

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Also popular with PC games readers The new Tomb Raider film apparently uses the story of one of the films again. "Src ="

Tomb Raider: Sequel to the movie is probably based on game again

The reboot of Tomb Raider gets a sequel and the story is apparently one of the new games. The movie Tomb Raider is getting a sequel. "Src ="

Tomb Raider: The film's sequel has a director

We get a sequel to the movie Tomb Raider from 2018 and a director has already been found for the flick. The film "Tomb Raider" will probably get a sequel. "src ="

Tomb Raider: Apparently the film's sequel is in the works

It looks like a sequel to the Tomb Raider movie from 2018 is in the works.

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