Are you still looking for a Playstation 5 and just haven’t been able to get one yet? It’s not easy to get Sony’s new console, and the situation is unlikely to change until 2022. Still, it’s worth keeping your eyes open from time to time. Especially up-to-date, as there is supposedly a larger delivery on the way to Europe.

PS5 consoles could be back soon

Still sees the situation around the purchase of a Playstation 5 (buy now ) gloomy. Currently none of the well-known dealers carries the console. You can only buy devices at exorbitant prices on Ebay. But that could change soon. The English Express reported that copies will soon be available again in Europe. And some dealers also seem to be preparing for it. It is therefore not at all unlikely that new copies of the PS5 can be bought this week or in the upcoming.

According to Express, it should be a large delivery. How big is not certain. It could be several thousand pieces. As PC Games Hardware suspects, PS5 copies in the 5-digit range could also be offered again at German retailers such as Amazon, Media Markt, Saturn or Otto. However, that cannot be said with certainty. As soon as the consoles are available, the run will probably start again. Scalpers will try with their bots to buy up the specimens as soon as possible. So that means you have to be quick.

So keep an eye on the usual dealers in the coming days:

Other PS5 dealers

PS5 at MediaMarkt

PS5 at Saturn

Those: PC Games Hardware

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