The second free summer update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is just around the corner and brings you a little more security as well as fun. Thanks to a desired feature, you are prevented from losing your island forever.

Nintendo Switch

Tomorrow, on the 30th of July, the second free summer update will be implemented in the game. One feature is particularly in focus. As Nintendo explains, all Switch Online customers have the option to activate a service that regularly secures your island paradise on the Internet. This will allow you to restore your work if your switch goes missing. In addition, the stored data should be able to be transferred to other systems in the future.

Of course, the summer update also brings a lot of fun to the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. A published trailer promises numerous summer activities such as Draw lots and fireworks, which you can look forward to every Sunday at 7 p.m. in August. If you want, you can even design your own fireworks.

What do you need after an eventful summer day? Quiet! With the new update you can finally sleep in your own bed and sweet dreams. In the dream world you will meet Serenada, who will let you visit other players' islands. There you have time to explore everything and even change it according to your taste – do not worry, the dream does not affect the "real world", but may serve as inspiration.

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Animal Crossing: Summer update brings popular feature and cute otter

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is summer fun, as Nintendo has surprisingly announced several free updates. After the first one you can finally swim in the water and with animals, and numerous new objects come into play.

This will be summer fun in the island paradise, as fans of the Nintendo Switch game can expect several free updates. With the first one you now have the opportunity to go swimming and dive for marine animals. There are also new characters and new items, such as furniture from the mermaid series.

We summarize what else is waiting for you.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Summer in an island paradise

  • Swimming and diving: A feature that players have been waiting for. These can now slip into a diving suit and explore the underwater world. It is worthwhile to look for exhibits for the museum, because if you present your discoveries to the museum owl Eugen, you will hear exciting fun facts.
  • Johannes craft instructions: When swimming, the players will meet a new character: the cute sea otter Johannes. He is crazy about scallops and exchanges them for handicraft instructions for furniture from the mermaid series.
  • Gulliver: After downloading the free update, occasionally someone is washed up on the coast who looks familiar but is dressed like a pirate. Help him, because he will thank you with a special reward.
Nook Propaganda - Animal Crossing Poster 70 × 50 cm "src ="

Nook Propaganda – Animal Crossing Poster 70 × 50 cm

This update is available from July 3, 2020 available for you. But that's not all. In early August, Nintendo will release details of another free Animal Crossing update and this content should also be suitable for the hot season. We will keep you up to date.