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A new trailer for the successor to the popular surgeon simulator delights its fans with humor, innards and announcements of new features. Friends of the simulator genre can look forward to creative innovations and joint amputation sessions in their own operating room in Surgeon Simulator 2.

After Announcement of Surgeon Simulator 2 In June the developer Bossa Studios shows in its new trailer for the crazy surgical simulator the new possibilities for aspiring hobby surgeons. The anatomy machine, with which you can create new arms and legs as well as stomach and intestines for your patients, is particularly eye-catching. Body parts and organs can be made to your heart's content. The amount is left to the operating surgeon.

However, the surgeon does not only have a free hand on the machine. New tools and costumes promise more creative and individual work in the operating room. From funny to unsuitable, you'll find unconventional surgeon clothing and accessories. Even with small fingers – if you can't imagine anything like that, you may click on this link – you can now tinker with your favorite victim Bob. Your tool arsenal has also increased with the second part. The trailer shows one of the four playable characters with a saw, shovel and suction bell. A tool presentation that invites you to macabre head cinema.

The new Creation Mode is also inviting. As in The Sims, players can now build and design their own operating room. In the small book-like tool you can scroll by wall color, room size and furniture, select your favorite pieces and place them anywhere. Simulator fans with a lot of ingenuity can really let off steam compared to the previous game. Bossa Studios present in the trailer the possibility of building a mysterious burial chamber, a futuristic space station or a bowling alley. With the already announced multiplayer mode this feature can be raised to a completely different level. Instead of using classic bowling balls, you can, for example, have four of your patients' heads roll after a leaching operation.

Surgeon Simulator 2 will be released in August 2020. You can pre-order or buy the crazy simulator exclusively for the time being at Epic Games.

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