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Nintendo has again confirmed that the animated film with Super Mario will hit theaters in 2022. The project is currently in production with the Minions makers of Illumination. Shigeru Miyamoto is involved as the inventor of the Nintendo mascot as a producer. Details of the story have not yet been revealed.

In 2018, Nintendo announced the production of an animated film for Super Mario in partnership with Illumination. At a meeting, those responsible have confirmed again that the film will be released in cinemas in 2022. Mario inventor Shigeru Miyamoto is involved in the project as a producer. According to Nintendo, the production of the film is currently going very well.

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The makers have not yet revealed details about the story or the cast. In the past, Nintendo has increasingly moved its brands outside of the world of video games. These include the "Super Nintendo World" theme world in Universal Studios Japan or the partnership with Lego, which not only created the mascot with the red cap as a product, but also the NES in a detailed replica. But things could go on after the Mario animation film.

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In the meeting, Nintendo indicated that it wanted to include its own brands in TV shows and films in the future. So the 2022 project could be the start of a whole series of Nintendo films. Presumably, the box office success of Super Mario should play an important role in future plans. On Friday, fans can look forward to the release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars. The collection for Nintendo Switch includes Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy. The title will have a limited release and will not be available physically or digitally after March 2021. If you want the collection, you should hurry.

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