Super Mario game brings $ 156,000 because the "brothers" are left

Of the many old classics that have some special feature, only a very few are still in circulation. These rare games can fetch $ 100,000 and more at auctions.


It's that time again, players all over the world are opening dusty boxes in basements and attics to see if they've got this one Nintendo game that's worth thousands of dollars. Before you go looking or ask your parents about "boxes of old toys", read briefly what to look for.

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Attic Treasures: These collectibles are worth a fortune today

The game is the NES classic Super Mario Bros. 3 from Nintendo. The "left brothers" do not mean that the version should actually be called "Super Mario Comrades 3". It's all about the lettering on the module. The "Bros." is namely on the left side and slightly covers Mario's glove.

Usually it is "Bros." on the right, the left variant is according to the Description at Heritage Auctions "Very rarely found in sealed condition". The rarity is apparently so high that someone is playing the game for $ 156,000 has bought.

In order to this game beats the current record holder Super Mario Bros., which in July 2020 was auctioned for $ 114,000. If you want to buy this copy, you would break the record of the left-hand version of Super Mario Bros. 3 again, Heritage Auctions states that you would have to bid at least 165,375 dollars or more to enter the auction.

At least you could play this Super Mario Bros. without reducing its value by thousands of dollars:

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe for Nintendo Switch

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe for Nintendo Switch

If you are looking for the right variant you don't have to throw them away disappointed. This went with Heritage Auctions beautiful for $ 21,600 to a bidder. The prerequisite for high prices is of course an untouched game in its complete original packaging. The fact that such games are so rare in this state is probably due to the fact that most people buy video games and then – well – play them. Crazy, right?