from Dominik Zwingmann
In a new video of the Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan, further elements from the theme world can be seen. Among other things, fans get to see famous characters like Yoshi or a piranha plant. The entrance to Bowser's castle also appears in the video. Because of the corona virus pandemic, the opening of the theme world had to be postponed. There is no new appointment yet.

Another video has appeared on Twitter that gives us another look at Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. Filmed from a safe distance, we see various elements of the theme world. These include things like yoshi, piranha plants, rotating coins or the entrance to Bowser's castle. The new recording of Super Nintendo World is over a minute long.

However, fans from all over the world have to wait a bit for the opening of the theme world. The current corona virus pandemic caused the appointment to be rescheduled. In fact, Super Nintendo World was supposed to be made available to all visitors for the first time in July, together with the start of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The construction work on the theme world is now almost complete.

When the theme world actually opens, fans can look forward to two attractions. It is a Mario Kart Experience and Yoshi's Adventure. In the coming years, Universal Studios Japan would like to accommodate further rides in the theme world. Upon entry, visitors also receive a bracelet that can be connected to a smartphone app. This should enable an interactive experience for fans. After Universal Studios Japan, other Universal Studios will also receive a Super Nintendo World in the future. You can find the official theme song in this article.

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