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from Dominik Zwingmann
The people in charge at Universal Studios Japan have announced that Super Nintendo World will officially open in spring 2021. Due to the pandemic, the start date had to be postponed indefinitely. A brand new pancake shop in the Nintendo design will open in the amusement park next week.

Universal Studios Japan have announced the launch date for Super Nintendo World. The theme world is to be opened in Osaka in spring 2021. Fans were originally supposed to be allowed to visit the attractions in July 2020, but the pandemic has thwarted these plans. In advance, a pancake shop in the Nintendo design will start on October 16. The picture gallery gives you a first look at the attraction at Universal Studios.

In the past, numerous videos about Super Nintendo World have surfaced on the Internet. Various elements of the theme world could be seen in it. These include things like Yoshi, piranha plants, rotating coins or the entrance to Bowser's castle. Princess Peach's castle will also be in the Super Nintendo World. At the opening, the theme world offers two rides.

This is a Mario Kart Experience and Yoshi's Adventure. More rides will be added in the coming years. When entering, visitors will also receive special wristbands that, together with a smartphone app, will provide an interactive experience in Super Nintendo World. After the opening in Japan, other Universal Studios will also be equipped with the theme world. The construction work was completed some time ago. Below you can find the official song for Super Nintendo World.

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