Supernatural and The Boys creator Eric Kripke spoke about the very first script for the first episode of Supernatural in a recent interview, and lo and behold – everything was supposed to be very different. Which luckily it didn't turn out to be.


In 2005 the very, very, very first episode of the successful came out Mystery series Supernatural, which formed a gigantic franchise and a committed community for 15 years – until now, because 2020 will finally come to an end with the 15th season. It has already run in the USA, in Germany the final season will begin its release in German sometime in late 2020 or even 2021.

But let's turn our gaze back to 2005, when series creator Eric Kripke didn't really know what Supernatural was going to be. One of the first inspirations for the series was the mystery series that appeared in the 70s The Night Fighter (1974-1975)how he opposite Entertainment Weekly betrayed – as well as the cult horror films The Ring (2002) and The Grudge (2004):

“There's a very special tone in these films. you are pretty serious, and that's what we sold. I was a young writer, I had some failed projects, and I felt really pressured: this is my chance. So I was totally fixated on what's not always healthy, and in this case it wasn't healthy. So I've thought about it and thought about it and I've racked my brain over every single detail and tried to do it as absolutely scary as I could, and it didn't really have that fresh sense of humor in it. Everything was just really hard and probably, when I think back now, unnecessarily complicated. "

When Kripke submitted this first draft of the show to Warner Bros., which would produce the series, they turned it down: Either Kripke would rewrite everything completely or they would look for someone else. It all happened right before Christmas, and what did Kripke do? He canceled all Christmas plans and spent the days sitting alone in the office to give himself and the idea one last chance. Sad, kind of. And it was actually sad for him, as he suggests in the interview:

“That was when the series ended sense of humor because I was locked alone in my office over the Christmas holidays. I couldn't do anything that was fun, so I had to enjoy myself. "

The serious horror shocker turned into a black-humored mystery series in just three weeks, which somehow stayed serious despite the sayings: protagonists Dean and Sam had known this monster hunter life since they were children, so it was fitting that they came here and there made a few dry remarks. Nothing could really shock her, as Kripke continues:

“(…) they just saw it as a new annoying job to do. That's why they could be funnybecause it was something they had seen all their lives; they didn't have to go crazy with fear every time they see a ghost – like it was in the first draft. "

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As we all know, Kripke got the job after Christmas and the story of Supernatural took its course. Incidentally, his next successful project is currently in its second season: the popular Amazon series The Boys was designed by him, as it were, and I suppose it won't be his last prestige project. What do we learn from it? If you are rejected or simply fail, you are no worse than those big stars in the film and series heaven. They just got up again and again (and, admittedly, they were also quite lucky).

Marina Hansel
Marina Hansel, GIGA expert for horror, RPGs, Dead By Daylight and Minecraft.

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