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The survival horror trip Heaven Dust by developer One Gruel Studio and publisher Indiaova was released in late February for the PC via Steam and for the Nintendo Switch via the eShop. The title is based on the survival horror players of the 1990s.

Developer One Gruel Studio's survival horror adventure Heaven Dust was released on February 26th via Steam and the eShop for PC and Nintendo Switch. The title on Steam is currently enjoying very positive reviews, as 91 percent of 117 reviews are currently positive.

But what is Heaven Dust about? You wake up in a lonely estate, right above a secret research laboratory. There is no trace of the actual employees, but the whole property is filled with zombies and deadly traps. On the run, while collecting items and solving puzzles, you gradually discover the cruel truth of the facility. In addition to the struggle for survival and the puzzles, the game also promises several different game ends.

If this seems familiar to you, then think of Resident Evil for a reason. So a zombie already has a certain similarity to Nemesis from the Resi series. According to their own statements, the game is based on various survival horror games from the 1990s.

Heaven Dust is currently available with a launch discount of 15 percent (EUR 5.60 instead of EUR 6.59) for the PC on Steam and also for the Nintendo Switch in the eShop, If you want to see if the title is good, you can download the free demo itch.io download for pc.

Source: One Gruel Studio / Indinova

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