Switch games could get more expensive – for good reason

Has Nintendo built a price limit into the eShop? As a game developer reports on Reddit, he will no longer be able to offer new games in the shop for less than 1.99 US dollars from 2021. If so, the limit could also bring you benefits.

Nintendo Switch

Nanü? Will there soon be no more 99-cent games in the Nintendo eShop? As GameRant a verified developer from SMG Studios has reported on Reddit a price limit leaked in the Nintendo eShop, which should come into effect in 2021. This limit should particularly affect extremely cheap or discounted games that had previously flooded the eShop.

Nintendo eShop: When you get what you paid for

If you get a game for 9 cents in the eShop, you usually expect more joy than 9 cents promise – but this is not always (or only very rarely) the case: players have been complaining for a while extremely reduced gamesthat lure with a few-cent offers, but don't keep what they promise – or plain and simple bad games are.

So a certain Level of good games in the eShop can be held, the minimum price limit has now been raised to 1.99 US dollars. Initially, however, this only affects games that are new to the eShop or that are newly reduced. In that case it would be one in this country Minimum price limit of 1.99 euros correspond.

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Nintendo itself has to the new price limit not yet officially expressed. However, should it actually come into force, it would protect players from cheap offers in the future that do not exactly hide promising games behind them.