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Nintendo was sued again in the US over the Joy-Con controller drift problem. This time a mother and her son are behind the lawsuit. According to the text, Nintendo is said to have done too little in the past to get the problem under control. The plaintiffs are demanding up to 5 million US dollars in damages from Nintendo. However, those responsible have not yet commented on the current case.

Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch in March 2017, the Japanese company has been struggling with the so-called drift problem of Joy-Con controllers. With this error it often happens that, for example, characters in a game move minimally in one direction – even though the Joy-Con is not touched.

In the past, Nintendo had to deal with lawsuits on this issue in court several times – and now another one has been added. In the US, a mother named Luz Sanchez and her son (aged 9 or 10) have sued the company. Once again, the focus is on the Joy-Con's drift problem. This time, however, the point is that Nintendo seemed to have done too little to fix this problem. The reasons for the lawsuit are described in the text as follows.

In December 2018, the son was presented with a Nintendo Switch. Within a year, the Joy-Con drift is said to have been so strong that the controller could no longer be used properly. A second set also had the same problem after only seven months. Although there was recently an apology from President Shuntarō Furukawa and the offer of free repairs – even after the warranty has expired – that is not enough for Luz Sanchez and her lawyer. The plaintiffs are now demanding $ 5 million in damages. Nintendo has not yet commented on the current case of the drift problem.

Source: Wired

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