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Legal action against Uberchips has now ended in favor of Nintendos. These negotiations have been going on since May and are now finally awarding Nintendo damages. Uberchips was charged with selling software that was used to hack the Nintendo Switch console.

Nintendo started the trial against Uberchips back in May, a provider of software for hacking the Nintendo Switch. This negotiation has now come to the result that the US seller Uberchips has to pay Nintendo two million US dollars in damages.

The accusation pronounced by Nintendo was aimed primarily at products such as the SX Core and the SX Lite from Team Xecuter, all of which are used to play pirated video games on the Nintendo Switch (buy now € 329.00 ) to play. Such software already existed in previous console generations, for example in the form of the R4 card. Since Nintendo won the dispute, Uberchips not only has to pay Nintendo US $ 2 million in damages, but also has to undertake to destroy any remaining stocks of devices that could be used to infringe Nintendo's copyright in any way . Uberchips also has to refrain from any contribution to the modding community and also to assign its domain to Nintendo.

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However, this is not the only case that Nintendo is now taking to its chest. Eight more such cases are to be tackled, but the identification of those responsible proves to be a hurdle that still needs to be overcome. This is due to the fact that this criminal market is a less transparent environment. However, Nintendo has always been known for aggressively cracking down on pirates and copyright infringers, so this will certainly not be the last case in court.

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