Switch Pro Controller in price drop: Cheaper on Black Friday

The "Switch Pro Controller" was initially criticized more often because of its disproportionately high price. Features such as NFC, HD rumble and battery power that the competition can only dream of seem to have driven up costs, especially at the start of the Nintendo Switch. For "Black Friday" you can now get the pad for the price of other controllers.

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Switch-Pro-Controller for Black Friday at OTTO & Amazon cheap

Update for Black Friday (November 27th, 2020):

In keeping with Black Friday 2020, the Switch Pro controller is a little cheaper. So you get the comfortable Nintendo gamepad on OTTO and Amazon current for 54.99 euros (plus shipping and handling).

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Switch-Pro-Controller: The price development of the additional pad

The Switch Pro Controller appeared at the same time as the Switch was launched on March 3rd, 2017 and went with the recommended retail price of 69.99 euros in Europe. However, just a month after the switch was released, the controller's proud starting price settled at a street price of just over 65 euros. The usual price is now 61 euros.

If you want the absolute lowest price, you should wait for special promotions or sales "holidays" like Prime Day or Black Friday. Alternatively, you can find the current best offer on price comparison sites such as Idealo, billiger.de or Geizhals.

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Switch Pro Controller: Who is it worth buying for?

With the purchase of the regular Nintendo Switch you already get two Joy-Cons – do you still need the Switch Pro controller at all? Yes and no. On the one hand, not all multiplayer titles only work with two Joy-Cons, on the other hand, the Pro controller is much more ergonomic than the small, detachable controller for longer game sessions or larger hands.

In addition to the ergonomics, the Pro-Controller also offers a real D-Pad and up to 40 hours of battery life – roughly double that of the Joy-Cons. Even if you don't absolutely need the pad, it is the more convenient control option in many games. We recommend the Switch Pro Controller especially to players who prefer to use their Switch in TV or tablet mode.

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