Nintendo is hosting a Direct Announcement on Thursday June 3rd. Rumors already indicated that we would see the Nintendo Switch Pro during this. A new rumor now seems to back this up.

Everything points to the Nintendo Switch Pro

Centro Leaks explains that they saw on a screenshot of the system of a major retailer that new hardware was being built around the Nintendo Switch (buy now ) should go live in the night from Thursday to Friday. “We received and verified a screenshot from a major retailer’s internal system showing that a new Switch hardware-related listing will go live on June 4th (around midnight). That’s all we have right now. there are no other data / attributes in the listing at the moment. “

Of course, this could also be something different to the Nintendo Switch. However, there have been so many rumors of the Nintendo Switch Pro unveiling lately, from various, fairly reliable sources, that it should come as no surprise if Nintendo actually shows the new console.

Allegedly, it should go on sale this fall, probably in September or October. It is not known what hardware is in it and what the performance looks like compared to the regular switch console. It is also still completely unclear how Nintendo will do with the games in the future. Will they all run on both consoles? Will the Switch Pro be exclusive or do games on the more powerful console have certain advantages? We may find out tomorrow evening.

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