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A Nintendo Switch buyer took the company to court over problems with the Joy-Con – and it was successful. He even got part of the purchase price refunded.

The Joy-Con problems of the Nintendo Switch are known. A user went through a little odyssey in this regard and was even able to win in the end with the help of a court.

The fight against Nintendo

Reddit user Crownshots shared the story of how he felt after buying a Nintendo Switch (buy now € 359.90 ) had to bother with the Joy-Con problem. He sent the controller to Nintendo for repairs twice, each taking several months. However, since the problem could not be solved, he demanded a partial refund of the purchase price under EU law. He wanted to use the money for a replacement Joy-Con.

However, Nintendo explained to him that they could not issue any refunds and he wanted to speak to the legal department or a manager. The employee then explained to the customer that there was no such thing as a legal department and that even a manager couldn't help him. He should take legal action. He did that too.

The Switch user initially wanted to file a complaint with Nintendo, but received no response. And so he sued for minor claims. Since Nintendo did not respond, a judgment was made immediately. Crownshots then suddenly received a message from Nintendo. He was apologized and said that it is normal to respond to such situations. He was told the next steps, how to get his refund and what to tell the court. So in the end the Nintendo customer got what he wanted

Crownshots advises everyone struggling with such problems not to accept a no from Nintendo and to persevere, as well as to insist on their own rights.

Source: Reddit

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