With SWTOR: Legacy of the Sith A new era is dawning for the popular sci-fi MMO. In line with the start of the new expansion, the on December 14, 2021 appears, the celebrations for the tenth anniversary of Star Wars: The Old Republic also begin. To celebrate the long history of SWTOR, the developers at BioWare initiated a competition a few weeks ago for the most beautiful view of many different worlds in a distant galaxy.

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The SWTOR team asked for panoramic screenshots to be submitted at the end of September 2021that the players should record on certain iconic worlds from Star Wars such as Hutta, Korriban, Python and Co. The developers have selected the planets that represent all phases of the game’s story for the community competition.

The winners of “Best View in SWTOR”

A few weeks have now passed and the development team was happy to receive countless submissions. The players have been extremely busy over the past few months, looking for the best view on different worlds. This week the time had finally come! The BioWare team presents the winners of “Best View in SWTOR” on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website (buy now )“.

We are proud to announce the winners of the “Best View In SWTOR” competition! From the thousands of entries submitted for the “Best View In SWTOR” competition, the development team has selected ten incredible winners.

Starting with the event on the occasion of the 10th birthday in December, all screenshots will be implemented in the game as framed decorations that you can buy for your fortresses. At around the same time, the lucky winners will receive gold-plated versions of their winning screenshots by email.

Congratulations to the winners: inside and thank you for sharing your favorite views in SWTOR with us!

You can find the winner screenshots in our gallery:

SWTOR: “Best View In SWTOR” – die Gewinner (1) [Quelle: Bioware]

On the SWTOR site there was also some exciting information about the competition, which the developers briefly summarize in the blog:

  • Korriban had the most contributions.
  • The Tatooine balloon featured on more than 10 percent of the entries submitted for Tatooine.
  • The statues in the Valley of the Dark Lords featured on more than 50 percent of the entries submitted for Korriban.
  • The exterior of the Jedi Temple was featured on more than 30 percent of the entries submitted for Tython.

We also congratulate the winners of the SWTOR competition and hope that the developers keep their promise and one day repeat the competition. Which screenshot is your favorite? And did you take part in “Best View In SWTOR” yourself? Write us in the comments!

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