Star Wars: The Old Republic is approaching the tenth anniversary of its existence. Reason enough for the developers of Bioware to celebrate and to shift up a gear when developing new content for online role-playing games. With “Legacy of the Sith”, the team from Austin, Texas, is now announcing the eighth expansion to be released in time for the anniversary at the end of the year. The story of Legacy of the Sith begins, of course, with the recently completed Onslaught story arc. The renegade Sith Lord Darth Malgus continues to search for mysterious relics and is hunted by both sides of the galactic forces.

SWTOR: Legacy of the Sith - New Expansion Announced.  (3)

SWTOR: Legacy of the Sith – New Expansion Announced. (3)

Source: BioWare

The story should be different for empire and republic and thus ensure a certain replay value. What they have in common, however, is that players return to the ocean planet Manaan and have to fight their way through underwater facilities there, among other things. On the new planet Elom you end up in the ruins of a long-forgotten Sith fortress. Of course, a new operation should not be missing, which sends players to the so-called R-4 Anomaly on the trail of an obscure Sith cult. One of the biggest gameplay innovations in the expansion is the fighting styles feature, which pushes the class boundaries of SWTOR (buy now ) blurs. As a power user, for example, you have access to skill sets from all power classes. An inquisitor with two lightsabers, for example, is no longer a problem.

Together with the expansion, the second Galactic Season with the title Shadows of the Underworld will start. There are of course various rewards for regular players, including Fen Zeil, a Duros gunslinger and new companion. As always, the developers are also working on improving the gaming experience. There will be a new process for character creation, the character sheet, the inventory and other UI elements will be revised. The expansion is only intended to mark the start of a year full of celebrations with new content, events and game updates over the course of 2022. For the coming year, the developers are therefore promising further UI improvements, a revision of the PvP system and much more. Access to the Legacy of the Sith expansion is free for current subscribers.


SWTOR: Legacy of the Sith – New Expansion Announced. (1) [Quelle: BioWare]

SWTOR: Explosive launch trailer for the Onslaught expansion

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