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With Patch 6.1 BioWare opens a new chapter in the story of Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Republic and the Sith Empire are planning the next big blow and challenging each other in the battle for the galaxy. With "Summit of Power" not only a new story awaits you, but also a new luxurious fortress on Alderaan.

Onslaugh is the new expansion of Star Wars: The Old Republic, After fighting a sworn sect, the heroes of the Republic and the Empire leave Odessen to prepare their chosen faction for a relentless war. The fate and future of the Republic and the Empire are in the hands of our heroes. Which side will prevail?

Regardless of which faction you chose in Onslaught and which protagonists of great history you support – with Patch 6.1, which was released on February 13th, the Republic and the Empire really get going again. Far from the struggle for dominance over the galaxy, two powerful leaders meet who want to revive the long-forgotten elite troops. To master this challenge, however, the Jedi and Sith need the help of our heroes.

The story of Patch 6.1 "Summit of Power" is based on the decisions the hero made at the start of Onslaugh:

  • On the Republic side, Jedi Masters Gnost-Dural and General Daeruun are trying to rebuild the Nova troop to strengthen the Jedi Order.
  • On the empire side, Darth Rivix meets to rebuild the elite squad "The Hand". It was the empire's elite raiding party that is supposed to revive the Sith's fame.

So the new story brings new tension into the game. But "Summit of Power" is not the only highlight of Patch 6.1! The developers listened to the feedback from the players of SWTOR (buy now) heard and fulfilled a long-cherished wish for the heroes of the Republic and the Empire. With the update, players from both factions can purchase a luxury villa on Alderaan.

SWTOR: Patch 6.1 - build your own villa on Alderaan (1)

SWTOR: Patch 6.1 – build your own villa on Alderaan (1)

Source: Bioware

This fortress is already one of the most beautiful housing areas in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The noble house captivates with numerous colorful windows (see screenshot), waterfalls and balconies with a breathtakingly beautiful view of Alderaan's regions. There is also a hidden area, which you have to clear with explosives. So get your villa before Alderaan blesses time!

What do you think of patch 6.1 for SWTOR? Do you like the new game content and story? And who of you has already expanded and decorated your new fortress on Alderaan?

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