In addition to the main WoW Shadowlands campaign, there are four other pact stories, most of which are only available to players who have joined the pact in question. Some of the puzzle pieces of the story remain hidden from other heroes. For example, if you choose the bastion as a pact, you will learn very little about the continuation of the Ardenwald history. So that the whole thing doesn't get completely out of hand (BfA sends its regards!), Blizzard designed the pact campaigns so that they function like a crossover episode every now and then. The point at which the Venthyr and Nekrolords campaigns cross is a good example of such a gripping story episode. In line with the opening of Naxxramas in Classic WoW, it is about the Warcraft Lich Kel'Thuzad.

Beware, spoilers will follow!

Since some classic Warcraft characters like Kael'thas and Kel'thuzad are already connected through the past events of Warcraft 3, it was only a matter of time before they both meet in Shadowlands. Kel'Thuzad is wreaking havoc in Maldraxxus and seizing power over the House of Rituals, while Kael'thas seeks revenge for the destruction of Silver Moon. In the video we see the finale of a chapter of the Venthyr campaign (source: WoWhead).

So Kel'Thuzad is carried off into the gullet. What punishment awaits him there? Will he meet Sylvanas? Or serve as a slave to the jailer? Another important part of the story is the connection between Kel'Thuzad and Arthas. The Lich owes his second life to Arthas and Kel'Thuzad served the Lich King unconditionally until his death in Naxxramas. It is possible that the two will team up again in Shadowlands to escape the Maw. That would be a logical turn of the story, as neither of them belong in the realm of the jailer.

Sylvanas and the jailer

There is also exciting news from the throat. A video has emerged in game dates in which Sylvanas and the jailer talk about the fate of Anduin Wrynn. The young king is still trapped in the Torghast and we still don't know what the villain duo are up to with Anduin.

The question is, why doesn't Sylvanas come up with her ultimate plan of truth? With that she could immediately convince Anduin of her mission? Instead, we hear from Sylvanas even more daring statements and blunt half-truths. You and the jailer want to destroy the existing order of the creators, that is clear. But what do they need Anduin for? How and for which battle can it be used as a weapon for both of them? The young king has already proven several times in battle that he has mastered light magic perfectly. What the banshee queen does not know, however, is that Anduin's soul also has a dark side that he cannot control as well as light. So Sylvanas' plan to use the king as a weapon could well backfire.

We are definitely excited to see what role Anduin will play in the plan of the banshee queen and the jailer. Finally, it should be said that the story of the main Shadowlands campaign still has a lot of gaps that Blizzard's authors may only fill in the next WoW expansions.

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