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According to recent rumors, a large number of Synthwave artists have been contacted for a radio station in Grand Theft Auto 6. At least that's what Vector Hold claims on Twitter. Peter Brian Rice's project is responsible for the retro soundtracks of the 80s and 90s in video games and films. But he has now deleted his tweet. Rockstar Games is also still silent on the successor.

New rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6 are making the rounds on the internet. The focus of speculation is a tweet from Vector Hold – a Synthwave project by artist Peter Brian Rice that specifically takes care of the production of retro soundtracks for games and films. Now those in charge of Rockstar Games are said to have contacted several artists from the Synthwave area for a radio station.

At least that's what Vector Hold claims on Twitter. The tweet has now been deleted – but fans were able to take a screenshot of it in good time.

Obviously, it's not the first rumor that has surfaced about GTA 6 in the past few months. Most recently, the long-awaited project was reported in April. According to the information at the time, the title should initially be a bit smaller – but then gradually be expanded to include new content. Vice City and South American cities were repeatedly mentioned as the setting. Vector Hold also wrote about Vice City in his tweet. A confirmation is still pending.

Before Grand Theft Auto 6 is released in stores, fans will first receive another new edition of GTA 5. The game will be released again for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC in 2021. GTA Online will then even be available as a standalone version for the first time. The release of the current offshoot was almost seven years ago. To date, the game has been sold over 135 million times.

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