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Even after the Chinese game company Tencent has now taken over the production of the action RPG System Shock 3 in some form, game developer Otherside remains involved in the project. However, the developers can no longer reveal the situation at the moment.

It's still an opaque situation all around System shock 3. Some developers left the Otherside studio and the project was on the brink of a short while. Then it was said that the Chinese company Tencent would move the brand forward, but the rights to System Shock remain with Nightdive Studios. These had only licensed the brand to Otherside Studios and Tencent has apparently now taken over this license. But what exactly that means for the development of the action RPG is unclear.

The original developers are still included

Community Manager Alyssa Marshall has now spoken out: "We are still involved, but we cannot talk much about it at this stage. As soon as we are allowed to publish more information, we will do so."

System Shock 3: The pre-alpha trailer for the action RPG

So this means that Otherside is still working on System Shock 3. But in what form and how exactly Tencent plays in here is unclear. We also don't know whether anything changes in the game itself. Tencent is actually more known for online games with micro transactions, but System Shock 3 should become a classic single-player game. Will it stay that way? Are there any changes to the gameplay?

There is also the question of why Otherside is no longer allowed to give away or why Tencent has not yet commented on the situation. And what about Warren Spector, the project manager? Nothing has been heard from him for many months. The situation remains curious and System Shock fans can currently do nothing more than wait until everything clears up and we receive official information about the status of System Shock 3 development. When that will be is in the stars …

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