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from Andreas Bertits
There have been rumors that the Chinese game company Tencent will now be involved in the development of the action RPG System Shock 3. Now the Studio Otherside confirmed this, but remains very imprecise in the explanation.

The domains and belong to the Chinese group Tencent. This gave rise to the suspicion a few days ago that the company was facing the difficult situation surrounding the development of the action RPG System shock 3 could somehow be involved in the production. The actual developer studio Otherside has now confirmed this.

An unclear situation

Otherside's wording is rather vague, so it is unclear in which form Tencent is involved. The tweet reads: "We are pleased to announce that Tencent will drive the #SystemShock franchise. As a smaller indie studio, it was a challenge for us to manage the project on our own. We believe that comprehensive capabilities and know-how of Tencent as a leading game company will bring the franchise to a new level. "

Shortly after the tweet was released, there were suspicions in the system shock community that Tencent would now own the rights to the brand. That's not the case. The Nightdive Studios, which hold the trademark rights, are currently working on a remake of the first System Shock, and have licensed System Shock rights to Otherside, said: "Otherside have licensed certain rights from us to continue, and these rights have now expired Tencent transfer. Nothing in this transfer affects our property in any way. "

The rights to system shock remain with the Nightdive Studios. Otherside has licensed this for System Shock 3 and apparently for further sequels – and has now transferred this license to Tencent. It is not clear from the announcements whether Otherside will continue to be involved in the development of the game or whether the Chinese company will take over the game itself …

Source: PCGamer

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