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The opening night of gamescom 2020 crept past us yesterday evening with a bag full of games and trailers, including – oh! – a behind-the-scenes video of Dragon Age 4. Ready for some nice words, some pictures and some in-game footage?

Dragon Age 4

In case you asked yourself that: The word Multiplayer or Games-as-a-Service – as BioWares Anthem was – did not even appear in the new video for Dragon Age 4, but nobody spoke of a single player either; the whole subject was therefore wisely left aside. What the team at Bioware is showing us here instead is a very early look at the next installment in the fantasy series, with Concept Art, in-game footage And a few promising words about the game so far:

"In the game we're working on now, we want to tell a story about what happens when you have no power. What if those people in power want to tackle the problems? What you can expect in the next installment in the series are Stories that focus on the people around you – the friends and family that you made. "

Take a look yourself! Bonus: They also played the wonderful Dragon Age music in the video:

That doesn't sound bad at first. After all that is said in the video, the next Dragon Age will focus on exactly those strengths that fans have come to love from the previous parts: Relationships with other characters and one – hopefully – thrilling story in a new area of ​​the fantasy world. Besides, it is Dorian at minute 01:09 ?!

However, we shouldn't expect Dragon Age 4 before 2022 to get flushed onto our next-gen consoles or PC. What we see in the video here is a very Look at the game early, and I wouldn't be surprised if Dragon Age was re-launched at least once within its own production.

Star Wars, Dragon Age 4 and WoW: Our attractive editors have summarized all the important new announcements of the Opening Night for you:

Is it safe to look forward to Dragon Age 4? BioWare has undoubtedly lost a lot of trust with Anthem, although they continue to tinker with the game and a small but nice community has formed around the loot shooter. I don't think we have to give up the studio entirely – and I hope they do what they promise with Dragon Age 4.

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