An RPG is currently going through the roof on Steam that many people don't even have on their radar. We are talking about 鬼谷 八荒, translated Tale of Immortal.

A Chinese RPG hit gets an English translation

The ratings of the Chinese role-playing game launched on Steam on January 27th are currently at 89%. It is ranked 6th in the Steam Top 10 last week and has even overtaken the indie hit Hades. The RPG is not yet playable in English. There is currently only a Chinese version. But that should change soon. After over 1.8 million copies of Tale of Immortal were sold, the Chinese development studio 鬼谷 工作室 (Ghost Valley Studio) decided to tackle an English translation. "We regret that we did not provide a localized version of the game sooner as we now know that some of our non-Chinese-speaking users have had difficulty experiencing the game," the team said.

It is not yet clear when the English version will appear. Many players therefore use translation apps to at least somehow understand the story. This revolves around myths from ancient China. You take on the role of a mortal who wants to become an immortal, god-like being and who has to endure many adventures. Tale of Immortal impresses with its hand-drawn graphics, which are reminiscent of Chinese works of art. During the story, you have to make decisions that will determine your progress. In addition, there are fast, action-packed battles in which you have to tactically use your hero's skills.

Source: PCGamer

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