Sunday, June 20, 2021

Talking trash cans as a cute recycling initiative

Image source: The Pokémon Company

The streets of Japan should stay clean and fun too, so The Pokémon Company has come up with a very special Pokémon recycling initiative.


A Pokémon helps sort the garbage

Working with the Pokémon Daisuki Club, an official fan club, The Pokémon Company has launched a cute recycling initiative. The project is called “Hungry Sleima” or “Sleima with an empty stomach” and describes the pocket monster's pursuit of a full stomach.

In the official description it is said that Sleima loves empty plastic or glass bottles and cans to eat. The recycling bin appears "like a ghost" in numerous cities and nobody knows where the hungry Sleima will go next when his stomach is full.

This is where the funniest pictures come out.

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The recycling bin even speaks

The Sleima bin doesn't just look cute in its own way, she even speaks to that personthrowing in his bottles or cans. Depending on the type of recyclable waste that has been fed in, the bin answers the generous donor.

Since it's in Japan no bottle and can deposit there, it is quite possible that Sleima will be well fed.

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