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Apparently, hunters can tame wind horses in WoW Shadowlands. These mystical creatures were discovered in the Shadowlands Alpha files and are now in the deer category, which could indicate that the hunter can add a new species to his collection.

Even if we go into the underworld of World of Warcraft in WoW Shadowlands, hunters will again be offered a world full of new tame animals. The latest discovery of the Hunter Pet Page Petopia is a wind horse, which was previously only used as a mount Fast wind horse was available in the shop.

The Bronzeback stage can currently be found in the Shadowlands Alpha east of Hero's Rest and west of the Temple of Humility. These magical creatures of the Eastern myths are related to the Qilen, but seem to be classified in the deer category for Shadowlands. It is still unclear whether the wind horses are a normal or exotic pet, which hunters can only tame in the animal dominance specialization.

Like the Dataminer from wowhead have found out, there are currently three other wind horses with different colors. Different from that Bronzeback stage So far, these can only be found in the game files and are nowhere in the free world of the Shadowlands.

WoW Shadowlands: Tame Windross discovered in the Alpha (1) (Source:

According to wowhead, the red variant (Glimmerhoof Cloudstrider) can also be found east of Hero's Rest and can even be used as a mount as soon as you have beaten down your life points far enough. The olive variant is called a test NPC Kirin Tier 2 assigned. Ultimately there is a paler version of the wind horse (Lighthoof Roamer), the same model as the shop mount Fast wind horse owns. You can have a look at all color variations of the windrösser in the gallery above

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