from Karsten Scholz
The developers at Blizzard have made a small, surprising change to the PTR for WoW: Burning Crusade Classic. It is no longer possible to specifically spit at other players.

Surprisingly, the visitors to the public test server for the second phase of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic found that it is no longer possible to specifically spit at other players. In other words: If you enter / spit in the chat without a targeted player, the familiar message “You are spitting on the floor” appears. However, as soon as you target a player and then trigger the emote, nothing happens anymore.

Since this change landed on the PTR without accompanying hotfix documentation or explanatory developer comments, players are now speculating about the reason for the change.

Perhaps it is because critics of the Deluxe Edition have the users of the Awakened Live Hunter spit on. Perhaps they also want to restrict the players who use NPC at every opportunity Field Marshal Afrasiabi spit on that hasn’t been adjusted on the Classic servers like it happened on the retail servers with all Afrasiabi allusions.

Perhaps, after all the bad news and public accounts of misogyny, suicide, sexual harassment, alcohol escapades, and more, they just want to slowly begin to tolerate no more room for this kind of bad behavior in general. Alternatively, it could of course just be a bug.

The community comments on the change in their own charming way:

How do you rate this change? Bug? Feature? Is it a first step? Totally superfluous? Let us know in the comments!

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