Team 17 announces new worms

of Andreas Bertits
The developer studio Team 17 has announced a new game in the Worms series for 2020. Since 2016 the fans have been waiting for another part and the wish will soon come true.

Would you like a new part in the Worms-Play row? The developer studio Team 17 has announced another game with the cute but highly dangerous worms for 2020.

The worms are coming back!

"Grab your bazooka and jump on your sheep, the worms will be back in 2020 like you've never seen them before," says the announcement tweet. "New worms, new ways of playing."

The video released for this shows scenes from older Worms games on a TV when one of the worms suddenly appears and destroys the TV. When exactly the official announcement will be made is still unclear. We also do not yet know what innovations the game brings us. However, we can obviously look forward to new worms that open up further opportunities in the tactical battles.

The last game in the long-running series was released in 2016. Worms W.M.D. was released for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Team 17 doesn't just release games in the Worms series. Titles such as Overcooked, Yooka-Laykee and My Time at Portia are also accounted for by the publisher.

Source: VG247

Worms WMD: launch trailer for launch on PC and consoles

Also popular with PC game readers Lethal VR is a new virtual reality game from Team 17. (5)

Lethal VR: Team17 announces virtual reality arcade game

With Lethal VR, Team 17 announced a virtual reality arcade shooter in which you will take on the role of an action film star. Worms developers Team 17 will serve smaller developers as publishers in the future and will thus return to their roots.

Team 17: Worms developer future game publisher

Team 17, the independent developer studio that has made a name for itself through numerous Worms games, is returning to its publisher roots. Team 17 from England is best known for the successful Worms series. The logo seen here (and also in the trailer) is actually out of date (source: Wikipedia) and was replaced in 2006 by a more modern variant.

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