Team Go Rocket Eggs discovered in new APK

of Susanne Braun

Pokémon Go's Dataminer found in APK 0.167.0 more references to Team Go Rocket's crypto eggs and adapted rules for mate Pokémon. Furthermore, crypto and redeemed pocket monsters are likely to be reinforced. We give you an overview.

The Pokémon-Go developers from Niantic currently play APK 0.167.0 via the Google Play Store and slowly roll in on the Android devices of the players. Dataminer, in turn, took a close look at the new data and found some interesting details. Already in the past there were hints that Team Go Rocket could also give you crypto eggs in the future – so, Giovanni's minions will probably fight back. But it would go well with the storytelling of Team Go Rocket, who are known to attack PokéStops to steal the Poké Eggs from our team leaders.

The crypto Pokémon themselves will probably get a small buff as well. Crypto Pokémon are said to receive a damage buff and improve their attack and defense values, whereas redeemed Pokémon are said to do more damage and receive an attack bonus if they encounter Crypto Pokémon in battle.

In the case of the buddy Pokémon there will soon be adjustments and support for the new system, including more tutorials, different throwing difficulty levels of items as well as the rule that a buddy must be on the card if he is to grant fishing aid or his gifts want to open. It's not that different when it comes to the daily struggle with the buddy.

Evidence can apparently be found in the previously designated safari zones for special forms of Pokémon. On top of that, there also appears to be a special Pokémon shape for Easter – the assumption is obvious that it could be a pikachu with rabbit ears. The authors of Pokémon Go Hub for you.

Pokémon GO: the official trailer for the mate adventure

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