Team Rocket against the team leader!

from Susanne Braun
How a meeting between Team Rockets Sierra, Arlo and Cliff with the team leaders Blanche, Spark and Candela in Pokémon Go goes, you can watch in the animated video!

Also popular with PC games readers Pokémon GO: Enigma week starts soon - that's what you can expect with the second Hyperbonus

Pokémon GO: The Enigma week will start shortly – this is what you can expect from the second Hyperbonus

In Pokémon Go, the second Hyperbonus from the Go Fest 2020 is imminent: The start of the Enigma week will take place shortly. That awaits you. The new coin system in Pokémon GO is causing some criticism.

Pokémon GO: There is criticism for the new coin system

The recently changed coin system in the mobile game Pokémon GO is anything but good with fans – on the contrary. There are changes to the Pokémon GO coin system.

Pokémon GO: New coin system now also in Germany

Niantic has now also brought the new coin system in the mobile game Pokémon GO to Germany.

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