from Susanne Braun
Teased for a long time, now finally after a wave-like rollout in Pokémon Go live: the balloons from Team Rocket! How does Team Rocket's invasion work in Pokémon Go? When do you meet the bosses Cliff, Sierra and Arlo? When does Giovanni show up? We tell you!

Rejoice, coach, because there are new ways to fight Team Rocket in Pokémon Go. Team Rocket's balloons, which have been teased for quite a while, now appear after a wave-like rollout – first there were players at level 40, then players from level 35 and so on – randomly based on the world map and give you the opportunity, against Giovanni's minions and even to fight him personally. To do this, however, you have to meet a few requirements.

  • When a rocket balloon appears at your trainer and you tap it, you fight a bully from Team Go Rocket.
  • A rocket balloon appears at your trainer and you have one Rocket radar active, then you fight against Sierra, Arlo or Cliff from Team Go Rocket.
  • A rocket balloon appears at your trainer and you have one Super rocket radar active, then you fight against Giovanni from Team Go Rocket.

You will of course find guides to the bosses of Team Go Rocket, i.e.Sierra, Cliff and Arlo, as well as to Giovanni and the Pokémon, which they will definitely bring with them or maybe bring into the fight. If you see a balloon on the map, take your chance, because it disappears after a while. In the official Contribution to the balloons Incidentally, the developers of Niantic point out that the temporary research Go-Fest: Combat Challenge, which starts on July 10, 2020 at 8:00 a.m., will probably also have to do with Team Go Rocket and the invasion. Be prepared for it!

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