The day would come, I knew it. The day I would play so much in a Teamfight Tactics season to theoretically score enough points for all season rewards, only to forget to log in and redeem the orb just before the end. And 150 points too little. 150 points out of 16,000. Anyone who also plays TFT knows that this is not exactly a trivial amount of points. Sigh. Swam over it. Because after set 2 with elements there is now set 3 with galaxies in Teamfight Tactics! Wohooooooooo! Everything at the beginning. 51 champions, of whom maybe a fifth were already in the previous set. Doesn't matter anyway, because the new classes and origins as well as all new Ult capabilities ensure that TFT feels like a blank slate again. Or rather…

… I feel like a blank slate. I feel like a completely overwhelmed Superdepp, and after all, I achieved Silver I in my first season, in elements. So far, I've only dared to start a game in normal mode because I somehow dreaded learning everything again. Well, almost everything, some of the old items are still there. And some of the origin or class bonuses also seem familiar to me, although they have a different name. The worst is actually my complete ignorance of League of Legends and its over 150 champions (and probably thirty-two thousand skins). I played LoL half-heartedly a few years ago, mostly Master Yi or Blitzcrank with a completely messed up noob build. How do you think I was happy that Blitzcrank played in Set 3 of Teamfight Tactics ?! Hello, I can only play with Blitzcrank now and will be the damnation of every single Ranger who is too far behind … um, I digress.

Teamfight Tactics (TFT): Set 3 – Galaxies – How it works!

While the element set was visually rather unexcited, it now flashes and flashes at every corner after starting a TFT match, and I am blinded by this opulent graphic splendor. I don't recognize anything. So I don't recognize the champions that I actually know. When a carousel round starts, I just sit in front of the screen with my eyes squeezed and try to see who is who. Ezreal doesn't look like Ezreal, not even in the slightest. Annie doesn't look like Annie. And where's Tibbers? Help! Sure, I can acquire all the knowledge again, sooner or later I will waddle blindly across the battlefield with my little beloved Featherknight and click my combo of favorites without looking. But it will take time, almost as if I wanted to learn a new game. Or look back into a game that I haven't tackled in years. I played my last round of Element TFT on Tuesday, the day before the release of galaxies

Who are you and what did you do with my favorite comp ?!

Who are you and what did you do with my favorite comp ?!

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The people at Riot Games deserve my respect because they have been offering League of Legends for free for ten years and mainly earn their living by selling champions and skins. And of course they are designing more and more absolutely fantastic looking skins that everyone wants because the money has to come from somewhere. And yes, of course it makes sense to adapt the Champs with the skins to the corresponding topic of a set in Teamfight Tactics. But, but, but, but! The recognition value has been completely lost, and I feel a bit lost.

Waaaaaaaaas happens here, help!

Waaaaaaaaas happens here, help!

Source: Buffed

On the other hand, this set system makes more sense than simply adding a "type" to the game and doing it well. I'm looking at you, Hearthstone battlefield developer, yes, exactly you! I know that your Auto Battler is limited in space and doesn't allow quite as many gimmicks as many other competitors in the genre. Doesn't it make sense to simply replace the entire inventory more often than just adding things like the dragon recently?

So far, I've only seen Hearthstone's battlefield as a beta test and as a means to help answer the question of what can still be done within the rules and limits of the game itself. So that does not mean that the developers cannot think of another kind of seasonal system. In my view, such a system makes sense when the limits are tight. Because then there is always something fresh and new for the fans, and that is what makes a game interesting. In my opinion, people at Blizzard should think about it sooner rather than later.

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