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Ubisoft and Blue Byte are showing a teaser trailer for the sixth DLC for Anno 1800, Land of Lions, which also concludes Season Pass 2. Land of the Lions will be the biggest Anno 1800 DLC ever and will be released in October 2020. Ubisoft writes: "Welcome to our new region: Enbesa. Explore the beautiful coastlines of the savannah. Work with Emperor Ketema to make the land florist. Master the new game mechanics, such as the irrigation channels and the new research feature."

Land of Lions is part of Season Pass 2 for Anno 1800. The Anno 1800 Season 2 Pass offers the following content for 24.99 euros – the DLCs cost around 10 euros individually:

  • Palaces of power: Show the power of your city with an impressive palace and ministries that improve your economy.
  • Rich harvest: Bring the wonders of modern technology to your fields and make your farms more efficient than ever with tractors.
  • Land of lions: Travel to the southern continent and join a beleaguered emperor as you bring the desert to life with a new irrigation system.
  • Three exclusive ornaments

As a reminder: In March 2020, Ubisoft Bluebyte announced the extension for Anno 1800 in the form of Season Pass 2. While the first two DLCs Palaces of Power (March) and Rich Harvest (June) have already been released, Land of Lions is still missing, which of the the largest of all Anno 1800 DLCs. Players travel to the southern continent and team up with a controversial ruler to bring life to the desert with the help of the new irrigation system. A technical test was started for "Land of the Lions" in July and August, as was the case for the DLC "Die Passage". The "land of the lions" is Enbesa, which you can travel to with your ships. This also appears parallel to Land of Lions Game Update 9 for Anno 1800, which will primarily introduce "Quality of Life" improvements to the game.

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