New rumors about AMD's "Nvidia killer" are currently circulating on the Internet. Much of the technical data of the upper class graphics card is said to have been leaked. But is the information realistic? Or is it just a fake? GIGA tells you.

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AMD Radeon RX 5950 XT: supposed technical data from Big Navi make the rounds

Although AMD's graphics cards are very popular in the middle class, the chip manufacturer has so far refrained from attacking Nvidia in the upper class. But that will change soon, because AMD still has a real ace up its sleeve with Big Navi. There have been rumors and leaks about the new graphics card for months, now a photo has recently appeared on Twitter, which should show the technical data of the "Nvidia-Killer" – and they are too good to be true:

Big Navi leak: nothing more than a fake

Shortly after the photo was published, there were already numerous discussions on the Internet as to whether it was a fake or the information could be correct. According to the Twitter user, he received the photo from a contact at SK Hynix.

In the meantime, however, SK Hynix has spoken out and in one official statement announces that the alleged leak is "fake news":

"SK Hynix hereby announces that the company has not created and distributed such specifications, nor has the document, which is claimed to have been leaked from an internal source."

In the meantime, CyberPunkCat's Twitter account has been deleted – most likely by the user himself, who is trying to cover his tracks.

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It is still possible for Big Navi to start with the specs named in the picture, but after SK Hynix waved it off, it was even more unrealistic than before.

And let's be honest: 24 GB HBM2e memory would not only be a little oversized for a gaming graphics card, even in the age of 4K gaming, but also extremely expensive to manufacture. If AMD's Nvidia killer really starts in such a memory configuration for players, you should be prepared for incredibly expensive prices.

However, we doubt that the information is the real values. However, we will only be certain about this when the card is officially presented.