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Fancy a colorful and fun MMORPG for the PS5? You can already plunge into the adventures of Temtem in December. It is already possible to pre-order the online game.

The MMORPG Temtem will be released on December 8th for the PS5. So you can go out into the colorful world with friends shortly after the launch of Sony's next-gen console.

However, this is still the Early Access version, which will be expanded over time. The EA version offers you six islands full of adventure on which you can experience the main campaign. In this it is your task to stop the dark clan Belsoto by defeating the eight dojo masters and becoming the ultimate tamer. The adventure should keep you busy for around 30 hours. During this time it is possible to catch more than 100 tems. These are creatures that populate the game world and that you should catch and tame.

Temtem is very reminiscent of the Pokémon games, but offers a full-fledged MMORPG game experience. You are traveling around the world with many other players who are also on the hunt for the Tems. You can team up with these "tamers" in order to proceed cooperatively or you fight with them, in which you use your captured and trained creatures. It is even possible to swap tems with fellow players. You can also get your own house and decorate and furnish it the way you want. You can also customize your hero according to your ideas, for example with always new clothes.

Temtem even allows you to crossplay. PC and PS5 players can act together when the MMORPG launches on December 8th in the Early Access version on Sony's next-gen console. Pre-orders are now available through the Playstation Store possible.

Source: Playstation blog

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