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As Funcom and Tencent officials say, Tencent people would like to acquire any shares in Funcom that they do not yet own. Funcom's management board also suggests making the open-world dune, which has been in the works for two years, larger than Conan Exiles and postponing the planned co-op shooter.

Funcom officials have released two releases to the press and shareholders in the Norwegian development studio. On the one hand, this gives the information that the Tencent managers offer to acquire all shares in Funcom that do not yet belong to them. Secondly, these additional funds should then be used to get out of the planned Open world game related to the Dune universe to make a bigger project than it has been so far after two years of development work. This information and recommendations to investors come from the Funcom management board, which the supervisory board, i.e. the supervisory authority, is then to decide on.

So the following: Tencent offers to buy all shares not previously acquired by Tencent at a price of NOK 17.00 per share. Funcom's management and supervisory board recommend that shareholders consider this deal. This transaction is intended to provide Funcom developers with additional funds to advance the Conan and Dune projects and to deepen the cooperation between Tencent and Funcom on their mobile gaming projects.

The interesting part about the Dune sandbox game is in the announcement of Tencent's offer. Accordingly, the management board recommends intensifying the developers' focus on open world survival games with the Games-as-a-Service model (GaaS). This recommendation is based on the success of Conan Exiles, which had the third best month in terms of player numbers in December 2019 after the early access release in January 2017. "The performance of Conan Exiles and comparable games suggests that the genre generates strong long-term sales," the release said. This in turn leads to the conclusion that the Dune brand and the survival genre together offer great long-term potential.

For this reason, the management board believes that it makes sense to scale up the Dune project. However, this would also mean that resources from other projects would have to be shifted, particularly in relation to Funcom's co-shooter project, the release of which was scheduled for 2020. The vision and ambition for Dune should be bigger than for Conan Exiles in order to give the game the best chances on the market. It is still uncertain what exactly will come after these pronounced recommendations. However, it will be exciting to see how they affect the development of the Dune sandbox game.

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