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According to recent reports, Tenet, director Christopher Nolan's latest film, has grossed just over $ 200 million worldwide. Due to the Corona crisis, it was clear that the film would not pour as much money into the coffers as it would in normal times. Internationally, the result can be seen with these restrictions, but in the USA Tenet also falls short of the lower expectations.

A few weeks ago, Warner Bros. decided to take the controversial step of deliberately bringing the time manipulation thriller Tenet to cinemas despite the current corona crisis and not switching to a streaming release, as has been the case with many other films in recent years Months have done. Now there are the first figures that give an insight into whether this risk has paid off.

According to the latest reports, Tenet has now made just over $ 200 million worldwide. In the United States, it was around nine million dollars on the opening weekend and around 6.7 million dollars on the second weekend, which the film by director Christopher Nolan brought into the coffers. Of course, when assessing such figures, it is important to bear in mind that in the USA – and many other countries – many cinemas are still closed or can only work with severely limited capacity due to the corona pandemic. Nevertheless, the film is also below the clearly reduced expectations of the film studio. The starting weekend was assumed to be $ 20 million. This is probably one of the reasons why Warner Bros. is currently holding back with precise figures on the US market, unlike in non-Corona times, the new visitor numbers are not reported daily.

Tenet: The final trailer before the cinema release is ready

Better, if not brilliant either, is the situation in the international market, where Nolan films traditionally still do better than in the USA. A large part of the previous box-office income of a little over 200 million US dollars is due to Europe, China and Co. The approximately 400 to 450 million US dollars that are necessary to at least recoup the production and advertising costs of the film are still a long way off.

Source: Variety

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Tenet: Good theatrical release in several countries

The time manipulation thriller Tenet has had a remarkable theatrical release in several countries. Tom Cruise has started a promotion for Tenet.

Promo for Tenet: Tom Cruise watches the film in the cinema

Well-known actor Tom Cruise recently put on a nice promotion for the new film Tenet. John David Washington in Tenet by Christopher Nolan

Tenet: Christopher Nolan's film is set to be released in theaters at the end of August

Warner Bros. will bring Tenet to theaters as early as August 2020. Tenet is the new film from director Christopher Nolan.