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Terminator: Dark Fate was a flop at the box office, we won't see a sequel. Actress Linda Hamilton said that she would be happy if she didn't have to return as Sarah Connor.

Actually should have Terminator: Dark Fate to start a trilogy. But there the film anything but a success was, it will not. This does not bother actress Linda Hamilton, who can now conclude with her role of Sarah Connor.

The end of Sarah Connor?

Linda Hamilton said in an interview to Terminator: Dark Fate: "I would have been very happy to have a smaller version that doesn't have as many millions of dollars at stake. Today's audience is just so unpredictable. I can't say how a lot of lay people just go and say, "Well, people don't go to the movies anymore." This is not a Hollywood analysis. It says something like almost everyone. It shouldn't be such a risky financial undertaking, but I would be very happy never to return. So, no, I have no hope because I would really love to be able to finish with it. But if there was anything new that would really appeal to me … I will always think about realizable changes. "

The Terminator series will probably be dormant for a while now. We may get a reboot in a few years if someone stumbles across the license and thinks they have a good idea for a new film.

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