TES 6 and Starfield – Alleged Leaker admits: everything was fake – up to date

of Andreas Bertits
The recent, very extensive information about the Bethesda role-playing games The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield was fake. The supposed insider himself admitted that. He wanted to "wake up" the fallen asleep community of the two games.

The alleged leaks related to the Bethesda role-playing games The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield sounded very good. An alleged employee of the developer studio told TES 6 in great detail about the ideas and features behind the game and the setting. But it was all fake.

Everything just made up

"I think it is now obvious that it was a fake," said user ToddIsMyMom about Reddit. "The community has been dead for weeks and I was hungry for news. I thought at best it could lead to some official information really coming up. In real life I am a construction inspector on a government housing job with what is probably the slowest sewer installation team I have I've ever seen, so I had time to write things down, and I'm devouring the Elder Scrolls lore, so I knew enough about it, and developing video games is a dream of mine and I know enough not to make too many mistakes So I published this "leak" to have fun. I actually don't live far from Rockville and sometimes drive through there on my way to work. I even wanted to drive past Bethesda and take a picture as "evidence" .. . "

So we have to get real information about the RPGs The Elder Scrolls 6 (buy now for € 69.99) and Starfield keep waiting. Maybe we will find out more about the two games at E3 – provided the game fair is not canceled due to the corona virus. So now, wait until Bethesda talks about TES 6 and Starfield.

Source: Reddit

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