On May 20, 2019, the The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr early access phase for PC and Mac, on June 4th the official release followed on all platforms. The third chapter of TESO sends you to the homonymous homeland of the Khajiit, where in addition to a new class and the dewy dragon hunts a lot of quests and secrets are waiting for you.

We spent numerous days in the new zone, playing through the main story and also finding the 18 Sky Shards scattered all over Elsweyr. If you pick up three of these shards, you will receive an additional skill point, which you can put into new attacks, passive buffs or your handicrafts. So that you can get the 18 pieces of TESO (buy now € 59.95 ): Elsweyr don't have to search as hard as we do, we will tell you below where you can find the crystals.

TESO: Elsweyr – the positions of the 18 sky shards

In the following we will tell you where you can find the 18 sky shards from TESO: Elsweyr. When it comes to the order, we stick to the specifications from the in-game diary.

All 18 Sky Shards from TESO: Elsweyr.

All 18 Sky Shards from TESO: Elsweyr.

Source: buffed

1) Close to current festivals, when the current is falling. (Just west of Stromfest.)
2) In the ruins with poachers on the hunt. (Northwest of "The Hunt" and south of the Starlight Adeptory.)
3) At the end of the stream where shadows dance. (North of the Shadow Dance Ruins.)
4) In a cart from Krempen's pipe. (In a field north of the west entrance to Krempen.)
5) In battered cargo under stitches. (The place and the shard are just south of the shrine of the same name.)
6) Hidden in a cave under the Anequina Moon Gate. (The moon gate can be found in the south of the zone, it is best to travel to the shrine of the scar's end and follow the road south and then east until you finally ride past the moon gate. Walk towards the locked gate and then keep left until you meet into a lane that ends in a cave with direwolves and the shard.)
7) High above the hustle and bustle of the Wonn Valley. (The Wonnetal farms can be found in the south of Elsweyr. Go to the mountain, which you can find just below the map symbol for the farms. The shard is waiting for you there.)
8) Behind a burned out farmhouse. (Follow the road at Weltboss Rothandlauf (east of the Wonnetal-Höfe) north until you come to a road that leads into the mountain range to your right. There you first meet some pilgrims and finally a farm. Behind a burned house there's the shard.)
9) In the shadow of the dragon's wings. (Go to the west of the zone, to Riefe (about via shrine at the end of the scar). There follow the dotted path to the south-east and continue in the same direction if the path on the map deviates to the south-west. Behind a stone pillar the shard.)
10) On the ridge above the ash scar. (The best way to approach the ash scar is from the north: for example via Wegschrein von Krempen)
11) In the darkest depths of Orkruh, where the pipes meet. (You can find the vault in the center of Elsweyr. Follow the road north until you come to a canal entrance. Open it, enter the canal and bag the shard.)
12) On an altar deep in the necropolis of Krempen. (The vault can be found just north of the Hakoshae Wayshrine. The shard is on an altar in the northeast area.)
13) On a swaying edge, whipped by the desert wind. (Near the entrance of the Desert Wind Caverns north of the Way Shrine of the Stings)
14) Tucked away on the steepest slope of the predator mesa. (To the north of the dungeon, which is to the west of the zone.)
15) In the throat of a cave, in an unworthy dwelling. (In Lair of Shame, just north of Starhaven Wayshrine. The Shard is to the southeast of Lair.)
16) On an island in the oil of the Mirkpool Mine. (You can reach the mine via the shrine at the end of the scar, from there head north. The shard is in the central area of ​​the dungeon.)
17) Hidden in the thick undergrowth of the undergrowth. (The brush is also a dungeon. Travel north from the Temple of Tenmar Shrine. The Shard is to the southeast of the area.)
18) Protected by the armored guards of the Tomb of the Serpents. (The final dungeon can be found in the north, just east of the Stromhold Wayshrine. The Shard is in the northwest area.)

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