On March 8th (PC / Mac and Stadia) or on March 16 (Xbox One and PlayStation 4) the time has come: The year-long story starts in March with the DLC "Flames of Ambition" "Gates of Oblivion" from The Elder Scrolls Online. It will continue from June 1st (PC / Mac / Stadia) or June 8th (Xbox One and PS4) in Chapter Blackwood, which will mainly play in the dark forest. Finally, in the third and fourth quarters, a DLC (first dungeon, then story DLC) ends.

With the upcoming content packages at the door and the already existing enormous scope of TESO It is currently enormously worthwhile for those interested in the Tamriel adventure, new or recurring. In this official guide you will find all the important information about the antique system that Zenimax introduced with the Greymoor chapter in 2020. You will learn, among other things, how the treasure hunt works exactly, how the associated mini-games for scouting and digging work and what rewards you can receive in this way.

FAQ on TESO's antique system: Greymoor


What is the antique system?

The antique system is an in-game activity that occurs in the Chapter Greymoor (under test) is included. You can use it to discover the location of Tamriel's hidden relics and treasures and then dig them up. Without Greymoor, it is possible to discover traces of antiquities in the world. But without the chapter you cannot join the antiquarian circle that will familiarize you with the arts of spying and digging.

By using the antiquities system, you can earn rewards such as collectibles (furnishings, mounts, and more) and riches, as well as uncovering the secret stories and backgrounds of each region.

In which areas are there antiques?

In almost all of them! Since the release of the new system, there are antiques in western Skyrim and almost all areas of the base game, in chapters and DLC areas (including some where you might not expect this) that you can locate and dig up. With new area publications, further antiques are regularly integrated.

What do I do if I want to get started with antiques?

To begin your journey in search of Tamriel's hidden stories, go to the Antiquarian Circle in Solitude in the Western Skyrim (right next to Bard College) and speak to Verita Numida. She'll give you the antiquarian's eye and a few simple clues. She also has a tutorial quest ready. We recommend completing both of the quests Verita is offering to get a good idea of ​​how the new system works. But you can also start looking for antiques once you've completed the first quest.


What are traces?

Traces are clues, tips, or clues that will allow you to begin your search for a new antique in a particular area. You can find your traces in the quest journal under the Antiques Code section. There you can see which traces you have for antiques in almost all areas of the game.

TESO: Greymoor - FAQ about the antique system: Look at your tracks in the quest journal or on the area map.

TESO: Greymoor – FAQ on the antique system: Check out your tracks in the quest journal or on the area map.

Source: Zenimax

How do I get tracks?

When you join the antiquarian circle, you will automatically receive a number of antiques tracks across Tamriel. You can also find traces of many activities when you are exploring or doing quests, also as loot from NPCs, in treasure chests or even from traders.

Note that almost every area has a simple antique that you don't need a trace of so you can start looking right away! However, the traces you get from in-game activity expire 30 days after you got them. But even if the trail has faded, you can always try to get that trail again in the future.

Where do I find and use my tracks?

You can find your tracks via the Antique Code section in your quest journal. From there, you can go through your tracks for different areas and choose the ones you want to peek for, depending on location, rewards or difficulty.

Can I get tracks if I haven't unlocked the Antique System or Greymoor?

Yes. You can get tracks before you have the Greymoor chapter, but you won't be able to use them until you own the chapter and complete the first quest of the antiquarian circle.

Can I trade tracks with other players?

No. At the moment you cannot trade the tracks with other players.


What is spying?

One of the two mini-games in the antique system is spying. It's all about unlocking the secrets hidden in a trail, which will allow you to discover an antique dig in an area.

TESO: Greymoor - Antique System FAQ: Uses the antiquarian's eye to peer based on evidence.

TESO: Greymoor – Antique System FAQ: Uses the antiquarian's eye to peer based on evidence.

Source: Zenimax

When scouting, you use an enigmatic relic (given when you join the Circle) called the Antiquarian's Eye to determine the true location of an antique.

How do I peer based on a trail?

You can peek based on a lead by going to the menu of your antiquities code (via your quest journal or area map) and completing the mini-game there. However, you can only peek based on a trail if you are in its area.

When peeking, you use the antiquarian's eye to expand your perception of the board, to claim facets and finally to include the glowing cells called foci. You start at the bottom center of the board, and by selecting adjacent cells (called facets) you expand your control. Limits to the facet you choose, other facets of the same type (indicated by unique markings), you claim these too!

Your goal is to advance on the board and claim all of the foci to pinpoint the location of an antique dig site. Capturing foci reduces the number of wrong dig sites on your map, so you don't have to search around to find the right location.

But that's not that easy, because you only have a limited number of movements and the board can vary in size! But don't worry, you can move around the board more easily over time by using skills and advancing the Scouting skill line. We explain that below.

What exactly does the Scouting skill line do?

By digging up antiques and completing related Achievements, you'll advance the Scouting skill line (found in the Open World category). There you can invest skill points in several passive skills, including some that allow you to peek with more difficult tracks, unlock special scouting skills or to simplify the scouting process as a whole.

TESO: Greymoor - FAQ on the antique system: Select facets and move across the board to take focus points.

TESO: Greymoor – FAQ on the antique system: Select facets and move across the board to take focus points.

Source: Zenimax

What scouting skills are there?

Within the Scouting Skill Line, you can unlock and improve three unique skills that you can use while scouting:

  • Fusion – (unlockable) transforms a hexagonal cluster of facets to match the center facet.
  • Expand – (unlockable) Claim all facets of the same type that touch your control area and all matching facets adjacent to it.
  • Foresight – (unlockable) claims a number of facets that emanate from your control area.

Note that these skills do not consume any of your limited rounds. Claiming foci creates half a charge on your skills so you can charge them up and use them again! Once you begin to unlock these skills, you will quickly find that they are powerful tools.

What if I can't see everything based on the trail?

If you cannot claim all the foci in the given time, it does not matter. As long as you have at least one focus, you can start looking for a possible excavation site for an antique. Since you have not unlocked all foci, you may come across a false positive location, but no treasure remains hidden for long from a devoted antiquarian!

Of course, if you want to see more foci, you can just try again. Your antiques code shows you how many foci you have unlocked for a track.


What is an excavation?

Once you've located the excavation site of an antique, you can begin digging it up and uncovering hidden riches. You will now see that certain areas of the area are highlighted on your map. These are the possible excavation sites for the antiquity.

Remember that only one of these locations contains the antique. The rest are false positive locations, but you can also find some treasures there.

TESO: Greymoor - FAQ about the antique system: Once you've spotted a location, it's time to dig!

TESO: Greymoor – FAQ on the antique system: Once you've spotted a location, it's time to dig!

Source: Zenimax

How do I dig at an excavation site?

If you've traveled to a possible excavation site, it's best to look for a glowing pile of dirt and interact with it to start the excavation. When you're at an excavation site, you can use the antiquarian's eye on the quick bar so that it will point you to the point where you need to dig – how convenient! Note that you can only use this tool every 30 seconds. So you still have to look around and explore a little to find the right place.

When excavating, several tools can help you to uncover the hidden treasures. It starts with the antiquarian's eye and brush, which you can use to track down rewards and clean up dirt. You can then unlock additional tools later.

Note that there are a limited number of actions you can take when digging up an antique, and if you reach that limit before you have unearthed the item, you will fail. In addition, the antique itself is not the only item that you can find at an excavation site. You may find yourself uncovering additional loot if you are careful and quick enough.

TESO: Greymoor - Antique System FAQ: A dig site ready to dig.

TESO: Greymoor – Antique System FAQ: A dig site ready to dig.

Source: Zenimax

Which tool you use for digging is up to you. And like scouting, you can improve the effectiveness of these tools and get new ones as well by advancing the Excavation skill line. See details below.

What exactly does the excavation skill line do?

As you dig up antiques and complete achievements, you advance your excavation skill line. You can find this under "Open World". This allows you to award skill points for passive abilities that grant you advantages that help you to discover excavation sites or treasure chests. You can get more total possible actions when digging available and even unlock additional digging abilities (more on that below).

What excavation skills are there?

With the excavation skill line, you automatically unlock both the Augur ability and the Paintbrush tool, which you can use at excavation sites. You can also upgrade these to unlock the following additional tools:

  • Augur – helps you to "feel" where something could be in the dirt.
  • Brush – With it you can sweep away small amounts of dirt and later use a spatula and heavy shovel when you have built up intuition.
  • Spatula – (unlockable) Clears entire layers of dirt in a single cell.
  • Heavy Shovel – (unlockable) Clears a small amount of dirt from a large area.

TESO: Greymoor - FAQ about the antique system: & nbsp; Uses special tools to carefully uncover relics.

TESO: Greymoor – FAQ about the antique system: Use special tools to carefully uncover relics.

Source: Zenimax

What if I can't dig up something?

If you run out of actions and you can't find the antique, that's fine too. All you have to do is find another dig within the same area to try again.


What rewards can I get through the antique system?

There are tons of rewards to uncover for spotting and excavating antiques. These include, for example:

  • Powerful mythical equipment
  • New liveries, decorations and promotions
  • Valuables that you can sell to vendors (and that are worth a total of 300,000 gold!)
  • Three new craft styles of former peoples
  • Deadly new siege weapons called Magicka Lancers
  • A new mount, the Dwemer Ebonsteel Wolf
  • Tons of furnishings, including antique maps, a music box, and more!

And in addition, every time you dig up an object, you can discover new stories about it. The antique system not only gives you valuable treasures and collectibles, but also knowledge.

How do I make sure I have uncovered all of the antiques within an area?

You can see how far you have come in an area in the antiquities code of your quest diary.

TESO: Greymoor - Antique System FAQ: Some of the Rewards.

TESO: Greymoor – Antique System FAQ: Some of the Rewards.

Source: Zenimax

Will new antiques be added later?

Yes. When Zenimax releases new areas, there will be new antiques in them too!

Can I trade antiques with other players?

You cannot trade most antiques with other players. This does not include craft style pages and runes from additional loot.

More information about The Elder Scrolls Online you can of course also find them on our topic page.

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