You always wanted to try The Elder Scrolls Online, just waited for the right moment? You like the online role-playing game from Zenimax, but you haven't treated yourself to the latest chapter on Greymoor? Then we have just the thing for you!

Black Fredas will be celebrated in Tamriel for the next few days! And just like in real life, Black Friday also has huge discounts in The Elder Scrolls Online. According to the official website of TESO you can save up to 67 percent when buying Greymoor on all platforms.

The basic game is also available on PC / Mac, Stadia and Xbox for a small coin (60 percent discount). Please note that the Steam offer doesn't start until 7:00 p.m. today. In addition, the sale ends at different times depending on your platform:

PC / Mac (Elder Scrolls Online Shop & Steam)

  • Greymoor-Chapter – December 1st
  • Basic game – December 1


  • Greymoor– Chapter – December 3rd
  • Basic game – 3rd of December


  • Greymoor-Chapter – December 4th
  • Basic game – December 4th


  • Greymoor-Chapter – November 30th

The bargain goes for that Greymoor Standard Edition, the Upgrade, the Collector's Edition and the Collector's Edition upgrade. So whether you are new or a veteran, you will find an offer that will take you to the home of the Nords. To secure these offers for you, visit the "Buy Now" page by Zenimax.

New and returning packages in the Crown Store

In addition to this offer, you can also get this during the Black Fredas campaign original– Get the Black Fredas package for 1,900 crowns. The package for Black Fredas from 2015 contains

  • the green narsis guar as a mount
  • 10 scrolls of learning
  • 10 riding lessons for speed
  • 10 riding lessons for capacity
  • 10 strengthening meals
  • 10 soul stones
  • 50 Triple Recovery Potions

The Elder Scrolls Online: The 2015 Black Fredas recurring package

The Elder Scrolls Online: The 2015 Black Fredas Returning Package

Source: Zenimax

But that's not all! If you're a member of ESO Plus, you can brand new Get the package for Black Fredas 2020. This is also available and includes for only 1,900 crowns exclusively for ESO Plus members

  • the ash-saber-toothed cat as a mount
  • 10 scrolls of learning
  • 10 riding lessons for speed
  • 10 riding lessons for capacity
  • 10 strengthening meals
  • 10 soul stones
  • 50 Triple Recovery Potions

The Elder Scrolls Online: & nbsp; The Black Fredas 2015 Package

The Elder Scrolls Online: Black Fredas Pack 2015

Source: Zenimax

Anyone who is not a member of ESO Plus is missing out on access to all of the game's DLC game packs, the craft bag, additional storage space in the bank, free monthly items (such as the recurring costume of the Priestess of Mara), special offers in the Crown Store and 1,650 crowns for each month – with which the costs of the new package would almost be covered again!

These limited-time bundles will be available in the in-game Crown Store now through November 30th at 4pm CET, so don't miss your chance to grab them.

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