You have been able to play The Elder Scrolls Online for quite a while on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series S / X, but only about the downward compatibility. In other words: The online role-playing game from Zenimax has not yet benefited from the power of the new generation of consoles. However, that will soon change!

Together with the chapter Blackwood and Update 30, the new “Console Enhanced” version will also appear on the consoles on 8. June. With this you can TESO (buy now 59,95 € ) Run natively on Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 to take full advantage of the technical capabilities of the new generation consoles – which will greatly improve the visual quality and performance of the game. All new TESO players get instant access to “Console Enhanced” with their purchase. Existing players will receive the version as free Upgrade.

TESO: Console Enhanced will be available to all console players, regardless of whether they were active on the consoles of the previous generation or not. All you need is the game and an Xbox Series X / S or PlayStation 5.

Options of the “Console Enhanced” version

You can currently play TESO through the backward compatibility of the new generation of consoles, but “Console Enhanced” offers you a bigger leap forward when it comes to the display and performance of the game on Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5. Here is a short list of the improvements you can experience when you pack “Console Enhanced” on your new console:

  • 60 FPS: For the first time, you can experience the game in performance mode with 60 frames per second on consoles. The previous limitation of 30 frames per second will be lifted, which means that you can experience your adventures with 60 frames at all times.
  • Improved visibility: Thanks to “Console Enhanced”, the in-game field of vision has almost doubled on the new consoles, allowing you to see further than ever before as you explore the ever-expanding world of Tamriel.
  • Finer textures: In addition to the greater character distance, the developers have also made it possible for the new generation of consoles to use higher-resolution textures so that they are even more effective on larger monitors
  • Updated antialiasing: The improved antialiasing also helps to smooth out sharp edges, for example around leaves, grass and buildings in the game, and also to make them appear sharper from a short distance.
  • Improved reflections: The developers have also expanded the graphical representation by adding planar reflections, which significantly improves details and realism in the game world. This is particularly evident in areas with water (e.g. Vivec and Sommersend). Please note that in the performance mode the differences in reflections can be different if there are a lot of water surfaces (for example in Trübmoor) or in areas where performance is usually preferred (for example in Cyrodiil and in exams).

TESO: & nbsp; Together with the chapter

TESO: Together with the chapter “Blackwood” and Update 30, “Console Enhanced” will also be released on June 8th.

Quelle: Zenimax

  • Improved environmental obscuration with global illumination in the image area: Improved ambient occlusion with SSGI makes indirect lighting more realistic and natural, and generally improves the details of the shades in the game.
  • Enhanced Shadows: The resolution of shadows has been doubled, corresponding to the PC equivalent on “Extreme” – the best possible setting in all versions of ESO. This also includes an improvement in the visibility of shadows.
  • Improved depth of field: This enhancement enables round depth of field (the highest possible setting), making for smoother, more realistic backgrounds, especially when interacting with NPCs.

TESO: 60 FpS, improved visibility, finer textures - these are just a few of the improvements made by 'Console Enhanced'

TESO: 60 FpS, improved visibility, finer textures – these are just some of the improvements made by “Console Enhanced”

Quelle: Zenimax

  • Improved loading times: Finally, the loading times have also been improved, which are much shorter compared to the last generation of consoles and are thus almost halved on average.

All of that combined should mean a huge leap in visual presentation and performance for console gamers.

The developers will present you more about ESO: Console Enhanced in the future, also more about the performance or. Quality mode and how to get it when it starts on June 8th. Don’t forget that all of this is completely free for anyone who already plays TESO on Xbox Series X / S or PlayStation 5.

All further information from the chapter preview for Blackwood can be found in the following article:

Also don’t forget that currently the Anniversary celebration for the 7th birthday runs that Prologue quest line for Blackwood is available and you can try TESO for free on all platforms.

TESO: All roads lead to the dead lands – gameplay trailer for Blackwood



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