In many online role-playing games there is a clear separation between the level phase and the "endgame" that follows, which is only aimed at characters who have reached the maximum level. However, there is no such strict division in The Elder Scrolls Online. First of all, because a flexible level scaling is active almost everywhere in Tamriel, thanks to which the open world (and many of the challenges) are open to you immediately after character creation without any restrictions.

Second, your character progression ends in TESO (buy now € 59.95 ) not with the maximum level 50. Instead, you continue to collect experience, earn yourself champion points, which you then put in the nine "constellations" in the champion area of ​​the menu in order to unlock further improvements for your alter ego. And best of all: All champion points earned are available to your entire account. Every freshly created fighter benefits immediately from the progress of existing heroes.

But despite this freedom, there are a number of special PvE and PvP challenges in The Elder Scrolls Online that would come under the term "endgame" in other MMORPGs and that we would like to introduce to you in this article. For some of these challenges, you should actually have your character level 50 and best equipped.

The tough solo activities in Tamriel

The reason of Vateshran

The reason of Vateshran is an arena for one player in southern Reik (DLC Markarth). Once you've discovered it, you can simply fast travel back there by using the symbol for the reason of Vateshran.

The Reason of Vateshran has two levels of difficulty: normal and for veterans. Players of any level can enter the normal version. The veteran version, however, requires level 50 and is far more challenging, but also offers better rewards that are worth the risk!

Solo Activities in TESO: Defeat the different areas of the bottom of Vateshran.

Solo Activities in TESO: Defeat the different areas of the bottom of Vateshran.

Source: Zenimax

When you arrive, take the quest "The Rites of Vateshran" from the Rite Matron. The quest is repeatable so you can experience the bottom of Vateshran as many times as you want. And why should you do that? Well, you can play your way up the arena leaderboards for fame and glory.

The Maelstrom Arena

Solo activities in TESO: The Maelstrom Arena incites ever stronger waves of enemies and bosses on your neck.

Solo activities in TESO: The Maelstrom Arena incites ever stronger waves of enemies and bosses on your neck.

Source: Zenimax Online

The Maelstrom Arena is an increasingly difficult challenge for a player and is located in the northeastern mountains of Wrothgar (DLC Orsinium). Once you've discovered it, you can return to it at any time by fast travel. The Maelstrom Arena comes in two difficulty levels: normal and veteran. You can tackle the lighter version at any level, for the crisper veteran version you have to have reached level 50. But there are also better rewards in return.

As soon as you reach the arena, you can accept the quest for the Maelstrom Arena at Fa-Nuit-Hen. Every time you enter the arena, you can pick up the quest where you left off. In addition, the quest is repeatable, so you can approach the arena over and over again. From champion level 160 you can fight your way up the rankings of the Maelstrom Arena.

The group activities in Tamriel

Open dungeons

Open dungeons are large, dangerous areas that contain many hostile creatures and treasures. They are designed for two to four players and can be found in most areas of the game. Since the public areas are full of larger groups of challenging enemies and leaders, we suggest that you bring a friend or two with you when exploring a public dungeon. Anyone can get involved in these sprawling PvE areas, so you'll often run into other players making their way – why don't you guys get together?

Group activities in TESO: & nbsp; Work together to clear public dungeons.

Group activities in TESO: work together to clear public dungeons.

Source: Zenimax

Within a public dungeon, you'll find equipment appropriate to the area, but be on the lookout for other unique rewards as well, as many also have their own achievements and collectibles when you complete them. You can recognize open dungeons by the gate symbol on your map.

Group dungeons

Group dungeons are specially designed for four players, featuring challenging leadership battles and powerful monsters that require collaboration and communication.

If you enter a group dungeon, it is an instance for your group alone, that is, you are completely on your own and the group. Each of these locations has their own unique armor sets, achievements, and collectibles as rewards, giving you plenty of reasons to keep coming back.

Group activities in TESO: Teamwork is required for the leader in a group dungeon.

Group activities in TESO: Teamwork is required for the leader in a group dungeon.

Source: Zenimax

You can complete group dungeons on both normal and veteran difficulty levels – depending on how much you want to challenge your group. In the base game alone you can contest more than 20 group dungeons, but there are many more to come in the TESO DLC game add-ons, for example Dorn Castle or the stone garden from Stonethorn. In total you can find 42 entries in the list of normal dungeons. The easiest way to find a group dungeon is with the "Groups & Activity Search", which you can access via your menu.


Trials are similar to group dungeons, but you need twelve people for them, as they come up with even tougher groups of monsters and leader battles. Only well-coordinated and organized groups can pass an exam, but those who do will be rewarded with unique item sets, achievements and collectibles.

As with group dungeons, you can also try your hand at exams on a normal difficulty level and on a veteran level. There is a separate ranking list for each, with those who accept greater challenges also receive even greater rewards. The ESO base game has three tests to offer, you can find more in the chapters (i.e. Kynes Aegis in the western edge of the sky or the production halls on Vvardenfell) and the DLCs Clockwork City and Thieves Guild. You can also find this on the map, recognizable by the gate symbol with the skull and the plus sign

By the way: Every week the intrepid randomly determine a new test, which appears as a weekly test. Players can get a special reward once a week by completing the weekly exam.

Group arenas

ESO also offers group arenas. In these four-player challenges, you and your group usually move from one arena to the next, facing increasingly difficult waves of monsters and leaders. TESO currently offers two arenas: The Dragon Star Arena (in the ESO base game) and the Black Rose Prison (which is part of the Murkmire DLC).

Group activities in TESO: Face one threat after another in group arenas.

Group activities in TESO: Face one threat after another in group arenas.

Source: Zenimax

They are just as challenging as group dungeons (if not more challenging) and you can complete group arenas on normal or veteran difficulty. In each of them you get a unique set of rewards and there are rankings. You can find group arenas on your map.

Territory challenges

Each area of ​​ESO has challenges that you can complete on your own, but mostly they are better tackled with allies.

  • Open World Leaders – Powerful individual enemies or groups of enemies with unique, challenging mechanics such as Skreg the Invincible or Hunger from Vvardenfell, Wuyuvus.
  • World Events – Large-scale events in which multiple enemies appear faster and faster. Examples of this would be Dark Anchors in the basic game by TESO or the Storms of Sorrows in the western edge of the sky and in Black Distance from the Greymoor chapter.


If you like to mess around with your fellow players, you can lead your squad into one of ESO's battlefields, where you can face other groups of players in, for example, death throes, relic hunt or Mad King and others.
As with other group activities, Battlegrounds have their own achievements, leaderboards, and rewards, including Alliance Points and unique style pages. To take part in a battlefield, you simply use the "Groups & Activity Search".

Group activities in TESO: Take on teams of players in the battlefields.

Group activities in TESO: Take on squads in the battlefields.

Source: Zenimax

Alliance war and imperial city

If you're interested in the great war tactics, join hundreds of players as they vie for control of the heart of Tamriel in the Alliance War. As part of the Alliance War, members of the three alliances in the Cyrodiil region plunge into the war, take towns and castles, secure the scrolls of the ancients and work to claim the title of emperor for themselves.

Group activities in TESO: & nbsp; Form a warband to take castles in Cyrodiil.

Group activities in TESO: Form a war party to take castles in Cyrodiil.

Source: Zenimax

You can help your fellow players in this extensive PvP area by calling up the Alliance War menu in the user interface. There you simply select a campaign and join the queue. And if you feel like a challenge, you can also enter the imperial city and fight in its streets. When in Cyrodiil you can go out alone, but we recommend shorting out with your fellow warriors to form large groups, as these walls are no stick!

More information about The Elder Scrolls Online you can of course also find them on our topic page.

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