TESO: From Imperial City to Harrowstorm

TESO: From Imperial City to Harrowstorm – all information about the TESO DLCs

The Elder Scrolls Online celebrated its release on April 4th, 2014. Not only has a lot of time passed since the launch, the developers have also released a lot of content enhancements. Who ends the Molag-Bal campaign on the mainland of Tamriel and also the contents of the three chapters Morrowind, Summer set such as Elsweyr has played through, is currently wondering whether the purchase of the paid DLCs is worthwhile. Zenimax has published 14 of these content packages so far.

In our special about The Elder Scrolls Online, we tell you what the eleven DLCs offer, how much they currently cost and where you can get them. For a good reason, we also take another look at that optional ESO Plus subscription, which should not go unmentioned when it comes to the paid DLCs from The Elder Scrolls Online.

Update from May 14, 2020: We take the release of Greymoor and Update 26 to update our special about The Elder Scrolls Online DLCs.

TESO: Morrowind / Summerset / Elsweyr – DLC not equal to chapters

Before we take a closer look at the 14 DLCs, there is something basic: The DLCs differ noticeably in one point from the chapters that are also subject to a fee Morrowind, Summer set, Elsweyr and the upcoming Greymoor adventure. Once you have completed the optional ESO Plus subscription already mentioned, the contents of all 14 DLCs are available to you free of charge as long as the subscription is running. However, if you want to play a chapter on time for the release, regardless of whether you are a subscriber or not, you have to transfer the purchase price towards Zenimax.

DANGER: In the meantime, the developers have integrated the chapters Morrowind and Summerset into the crown shop, where the chapters count as DLCs, which can also be activated via ESO-Plus. The package includes the Vvardenfell area and all the challenges and stories (Morrowind) located there, or the Sommersend area with all its orders, the Psijik Order with its skill line, the cloud rest examination and the jewelry trade. You have to purchase the Guardian class individually in the Crown Shop. Chances are that Zenimax will do the same with Elsweyr when Greymoor appears.

So if you know that you have a lot of time to gamble at some point in the future, you can play through one or more DLCs with a subscription month for just under 13 euros – and save a lot of money. And even if you need several months for the DLCs, the investment is worth it. Finally, there are other bonuses for the subscription, such as 1,650 crowns per subscription month Crown shop, the craft bag or the additional storage space in the bank.

TESO: New chapter Elsweyr in the Cinematic trailer – the dragons are on the loose

The DLC Imperial City or Imperial City was the first paid DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online and was released in September 2015.

Our conclusion: The Imperial City DLC is a rather atypical one and is really aimed at fans of PvP wrangling and PvE group challenges. Anyone who walks through Tamriel as a lone wolf spares himself a visit to the imperial city.

The DLC Orsinium came out on November 2nd, 2015 and focused much more on content for soloists.

Our conclusion: The main story around the eponymous orc city Orsinium is one of the best things to play in The Elder Scrolls Online thanks to the varied quests, the memorable characters and some entertaining twists. In addition, every soloist should have had a try at the Maelstrom Arena.

TESO: Trailer for the "Orsinium" DLC

In March 2016, The Thieves Guild released the third paid DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online.

  • Click here for the official website of the Thieves Guild DLC
  • Price: 2,000 crowns (about 14.00 euros)
  • Feature: Join the eponymous guild of thieves and get a new skill line with passive abilities that is available exclusively to guild members
  • Feature: New Zone Hews curse with quests, repeatable guild missions and world bosses
  • Feature: Expansion of the legal system through raids and burglaries
  • Feature: The Throat of Lorkhaj – Challenge for 12 players
  • Feature: Two new open dungeons: Bahraha's gloom and the shark tooth grotto
  • Feature: New armor, costumes, craft styles, sets
  • Official Guide to Thieves' Guild

Our conclusion: The least expensive DLC to date brought a solid mix of group and solo challenges, but you'll only have fun with the PvE quests if you like sneaking past guards to prove your talent. The story itself is not as exciting as that of Orsinium.

TESO: Launch trailer for the Thieves Guild

TESO: DLC Dark Brotherhood

On May 31, 2016, the fourth DLC Dark Brotherhood was released in addition to Patch 2.4.5.

  • Here is the official page of the Dark Brotherhood DLC
  • Price: 2,000 crowns (about 14.00 euros)
  • Feature: You join the eponymous Dark Brotherhood and become a contract killer – new passive skill line included.
  • Feature: You visit the Gold Coast, where you can explore Anwil and Kvatch for the first time since The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The new zone is open to characters of all levels, but the quests and stories also take you to other areas of Tamriel.
  • Feature: Repeatable challenges like bounty quests, contract killings and bloody contracts
  • Feature: Two new vaults: the Hrotah cave and Garlas Agea
  • Feature: Two world bosses on the Gold Coast: The arena of Kvatch and Limenauruus, the Minotaur of tribune folly
  • Feature: New armor, costumes, craft styles, sets
  • Official guide to the Dark Brotherhood

Our conclusion turns out to be similar to the Thieves' Guild: If you like to play as an assassin in role-playing games, you will have some fun with the Dark Brotherhood DLC. But don't expect an exciting story like in the Orsinium DLC. In addition, there are no OHA features such as a raid, group dungeons or crisp solo challenges such as the Maelstrom Arena.

TESO: Launch trailer for the "Dark Brotherhood" expansion

TESO: DLC Shadows of the Hist

On August 1st, 2016, the fifth paid DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online: Shadows of the Hist was released.

Our conclusion: Shadows of the Hist is a quickie for fans of small group challenges, because there is nothing more than the two dungeons. If you can't do anything with it, you probably found the free patch for the basic game with the style room, the settlements in Cyrodiil and the revised exams, which appeared in parallel, more exciting.

TESO: DLC Horns of the Reach

On August 14, 2017, Horns of the Reach was the first paid DLC to be released after the Morrowind release.

Our conclusion: Another dungeon quickie that you should only get if you enjoy the group game of TESO (buy now for € 84.95) and is keen on the prey of the DLC challenges.

On October 23, Zenimax released the seventh DLC for TESO: Clockwork City.

Our conclusion: The history of Clockwork City almost reaches the high level of Orsinium and we like it much better than the stories of the last non-dungeon DLCs. If you can't do anything with the raid, you should at least watch the DLC as part of an ESO Plus week!

TESO: With Dragon Bones, Zenimax released the eighth paid DLC in February 2018. & nbsp;

TESO: With Dragon Bones, Zenimax released the eighth paid DLC in February 2018.

Source: Zenimax

On February 12, another paid Dungeon DLC came out: Dragon Bones.

After Summerset was all about the second quarter of 2018, the third quarter DLC, Wolfhunter, takes you to two new dungeons.

On October 22, 2018, Zenimax released the tenth DLC for TESO: Murkmire.

More on this topic: TESO: Developer Walk through Murkmire DLC

The Elder Scrolls Online: DLC "Murkmire" launch trailer

The DLC, released in early 2019, was also the start of the year of the dragon – for the first time, the developers told a coherent story over several DLCs and one chapter. Wrathstone takes you to two new dungeons.

Our conclusion: From our point of view, it is far from optimal to start the story of the year of the dragon with a dungeon DLC (there are numerous story fans in TESO who do not feel like the group challenges), but we had two dungeons a lot of fun thanks to some boss highlights. We particularly liked the end boss from the frost vault, which we have to infiltrate as a mechanical mouse.

The Elder Scrolls Online: DLC "Wrathstone" launch trailer

On August 12, 2019, Scalebreaker, the third chapter of the year of the dragon, appeared, which again leads you to two dungeons. A special mechanism awaits you in the Moonside Temple City, where you have to use sliding stones outside and in battles to solve smaller puzzles.

Our conclusion: Thanks to the mechanics of the sliding stones and the dragon setting, we had a lot of fun in both dungeons. We also liked the instances visually. If you prefer to be alone in Tamriel and normally avoid dungeons, you can also do without scalebreakers and still have fun with the story of the year of the dragon.

TESO: In Scalebreaker, the dungeons Temple City and Maarselok Hoard are waiting for you.

TESO: In Scalebreaker, the dungeons Temple City and Maarselok Hoard are waiting for you.

Source: Zenimax

When it comes to the cross-year story around the year of the dragon, you shouldn't miss two content packages: That Chapter Elsweyr as well as the Story DLC Dragonhold. The latter tells the finale of the story about the ancient Order of the Dragon Guard.

Our conclusion: We really liked the year of the dragon and that was mainly due to Elsweyr and Dragonhold, in which the story about the dragon was told in an exciting way and with many great quests. It takes about ten hours until you have played through the final chapter. A decent amount for 14 euros or a subscription month.

TESO: Dragonhold is the finale of the year of the dragon.

TESO: Dragonhold is the finale of the year of the dragon.

Source: Zenimax

The last DLC to date is also the start of TESO's second cross-year story, which is called "The Black Heart of Skyrim". Harrowstorm forms the prelude with his two dungeons, in which we already get an idea of ​​what to expect in the coming months.

Our conclusion: Again, the developers start their year-long story with a dungeon DLC, again we're not big fans of it. But: The dungeons are entertaining and varied, and above all ice cap already exudes some heavenly atmosphere. In addition, the DLC is not absolutely necessary to be able to classify the upcoming events from Greymoor. It is more important that you Prologue questline playedthat is already on the live server.

TESO: Gameplay trailer for the Harrowstorm release on PS4

TESO: Where are the DLCs from?

If you have an ESO Plus subscription on the official site of The Elder Scrolls Online completes, the DLC content is automatically available to you, you do not have to do more. If you want to buy one or more DLCs outside of the subscription, visit the Crown Shop in the game (shortcut,). Note that you have bought enough crowns beforehand (here you can find more information about the crown shop and the purchase of crowns)!

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