In recent years, the developers of Zenimax had always presented us with the new chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online as part of a major event: we were allowed to play for a few hours, record our impressions and talk to the designers about what they had experienced. For 2020, however, those responsible had to come up with something new, due to the corona crisis, the planned on-site appointment fell into the water.

Instead, creative director invited Rich Lambert for an online presentation. We also had the opportunity to look at some of the content on the beta server new chapter Greymoor to look at. The developers are still planning to release the paid adventure on May 18 (PC / Mac) and June 2 (Xbox One and PS4). The highlight features of the content package read as follows:

  • A new area to explore: the western edge of the sky
  • A dark main story that fits into the adventure "The Black Heart of Skyrim" and thus to the Events of the Harrowstorm DLC ties in
  • The new game system antiques
  • A new test for 12 players: Kynes Aegis
  • New world events: grief storms
  • New vaults, open dungeons and independent quests
  • Updates and facilities, including a revision of the vampire skill line (free for all TESO players (buy now for € 84.95))

Greymoor: setting, story and world

Right at the beginning of the presentation, Creative Director Rich Lambert made it clear that Greymoor – like the previous chapters – will be aimed at professionals, returnees and newcomers alike. If you want to get started with Greymoor, you will automatically receive the main game from TESO and can start your new adventure right away thanks to the flexible level scaling or experience the Molag-Bal campaign of the launch version first.

The new chapter Greymoor takes us to the western part of Skyrim, which some of you may already know thanks to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Many areas will be familiar to veterans of Skyrim, many places will recognize them. Similar to the Morrowind chapter, there are clear differences, after all, there are 1,000 years between the events of Greymoor and Skyrim. At the same time, the western sky edge of TESO differs significantly from the eastern zones of the country, which we were able to explore earlier. The north in the west live in a much tougher, ruthless wilderness, which of course has affected their nature, their architecture and much more.

The Elder Scrolls Online: In Greymoor we explore the western part of Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls Online: In Greymoor we explore the western part of Skyrim.

Source: Zenimax

Greymoor should also feel different because only 60 percent of the areas are outdoors. We complete the remaining challenges underground, in the black range, where deep caves and ancient Dwemer cities await us. So that not everything looks like a cave, there are different biomes within the black range.

In keeping with the pitiless, icy cold expanse of the sky edge and the relentless depths of the black range, the story of Greymoor should be darker and more "Gothic-like" than the stories of the previous chapters. We meet vampires, witches, werewolves and the Gramsturm known from the first DLC.

Greymoor: That's how it works with antiques

A new feature from Greymoor will revolve around collecting antiques. This is a new activity that offers an alternative to normal questing and fighting and focuses on exploring the world or lore. Specifically, you will receive a new tab in the quest journal called Antiques, in which you will see a list with various clues – the clues refer to places of antiques, the places near you are highlighted.

At the beginning you will of course not find all the information in the list for a long time, but only a selection. You can get more information about the various challenges in Tamriel, such as defeated bosses or found treasures. Like normal items, the clues have multiple levels of quality related to the difficulty and quality of the final loot.

In order to determine the location of the associated ancient relic with the help of a hint, it is necessary to master a new mini-game. In this game you connect fields with the same shapes in order to reach certain highlighted fields on the field, which in turn stand for individual clues for the location. However, there are only a certain number of rounds available for this. It's good that you can use special skills that can make it easier for you to master the challenge. There is, for example, a kind of bomb that you use to transform all fields in a certain radius into fields with a certain shape so that you can get through this area very quickly. The higher the quality of the clue, the bigger the board, the more complex the field distribution, the more difficult it will be to bag all clues with the rounds available.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Thanks to the antiques system, exploring the world should be more in the foreground again.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Thanks to the antiques system, exploring the world should be more in the foreground again.

Source: Zenimax

If you master this mini-game completely, you can now see on the Tamriel map in which area of ​​the region the antique is hidden. However, if you only get some of the clues in the course of the game, you will see several areas on the map that you must now search. The right dig site is highlighted on site. There you start a second mini-game: the actual excavation. The interface then shows an excavation area and several tools. You will find a large shovel there to expose several fields in the area, a small shovel that only exposes one field, a brush to clear dirt, and an antique eye that acts as one Art radar acts and roughly shows you where the relic is.

The excavation itself works like a mix of "minesweeper" and "sinking ships". You only have a certain number of rounds to fully expose the relic, and each skill uses a certain number of rounds when used. In each archaeological site you can not only find the relic, but also one or more hidden bonus treasures. You will level the associated skill line for the antique system by mastering these two mini-games. Rewards include housing furniture, emotes, mounts, mythical items, siege weapons, new enchantments and more.

Greymoor: Kynes Aegis and Vampires

Greymoor is a new challenge for 12-player groups in Tamriel. Three new bosses await you in Kynes Aegis, the size of the raid itself is reminiscent of Sonnspitz from Elsweyr. According to Rich Lambert, however, the structure is somewhat more linear, which should primarily benefit the design of the instance.

We are expecting new boss mechanics: In the second battle we fight on a long boat, for example, where we use parts of the boat to build siege engines that we then use against the boss. The focus here will be on giants led by a vampire lord.

Speaking of vampires: The skill line for vampires is completely revised with Greymoor. Some skills are new, some have been revised, others have been retained. The new Ultimate "Blood Scion" now transforms you into a Lord of the Night, who immediately heals completely, increases his maximum health, magicka and endurance by 10,000 points for 20 seconds and constantly heals himself through attacks. As a treat, you can see opponents through walls in this form.

Greymoor: New trailer and official screenshots

If you want to get more visual impressions of Greymoor, you will find it in the newly released trailer and in the following screenshot gallery:

The Elder Scrolls Online: Official screenshots from Greymoor. (1) (Source: Zenimax)

TESO: Greymoor – Descend into the Black Heart of Skyrim

How does it look: Are you looking forward to Greymoor? Let us know in the comments!

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