Only yesterday, the developers of The Elder Scrolls Online had the the western edge of the sky and the black range presented the two areasthat we will come in Chapter Greymoor travel and explore. In the main game of TESO we could only enter the east of the region so far, i.e. Ostmarsch, Ödfels and Rift. Nevertheless, many Elder Scrolls fans should already know the underground black range and the western sky edge, from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

But how nostalgic will the trip to the TESO version of the two zones be for all Skyrim fans? How much unknown is waiting for the players? The developers have now answered precisely these questions in another article on the official website of the online role-playing game accepted.

TESO: Greymoor – familiar … and yet different

If you've played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, your first steps in the new area will immediately feel familiar. For many of you, it won't necessarily be like exploring a new world, but more than going back to a loved one.

"Players who no longer need maps to find their way around Skyrim will do fine", says C.J. Grebb, TESO (buy now for € 84.95) s Art Director. "The geography continues and should be very familiar. However, we are VERY much earlier in the history of Himmelsrand, which is why there will be new paths, new caves and new places to discover."

For example, if you were already a player in TES: V, the city of loneliness will immediately feel familiar. In fact, it might even come as a surprise if you strolled the winding streets over the pavement behind the high walls, how similar everything is.

"Our players from Europe can confirm that it is not unusual for streets or even buildings in very long-standing cities to remain largely unchanged for centuries. And that is exactly what happened in loneliness. However, you should be prepared for the fact that you are in TESO will experience a much purer Nordic version of loneliness. "

TESO: Greymoor - Skyrim fans expect the familiar and the new (2)

TESO: Greymoor – Skyrim fans expect the familiar and the new (2)

Source: Zenimax

While the team planned the new area, it was heavily based on TES: V to look for inspiration that went beyond what was already in TESO.

"We started with the edge of the sky and made sure that we got the geography, flora and fauna and also the feeling for the Nordic culture right", explains Grebb. "After that, much of the challenge was to go back to our own version of East March and Rift to make sure that the western edge of the sky felt like it was part of the TESO world."

In addition to the western edge of the sky, you can also use Greymoor to explore the mysterious underground world of black distance. "Black Range is a vast – not manageable – underground realm full of all kinds of new and unusual places, treasures and unimaginable dangers", explains Ed Stark, Zone Lead for Greymoor. "Some of the caverns are so huge that you can't see the ceiling, while others are as wild as the thickest forests, full of bright mushrooms and massive stalagmites."

TESO: Greymoor - Skyrim fans expect the familiar and the new (4)

TESO: Greymoor – Skyrim fans expect the familiar and the new (4)

Source: Zenimax

When the team created this underworld, exploring Black Wide was in itself an adventure, giving them the opportunity to create a truly fantastic world. "Black distance gave us the opportunity to have a lot of fun"says Grebb. "We wanted it to feel as 'extreme' as the black range in TES V, but at the same time we felt a certain amount of freedom to contribute to the world of Elder Scrolls in general: completely new environments that our players will hopefully grasp just as much as the original did with us back then. "

TESO: Greymoor – A toughened people and their culture

Of course, it would not be the edge of heaven without the north and the inhabitants that you will encounter in this region. They are very similar to the residents of Ostmarsch and Rift, but are even more unfriendly to strangers. An outsider like you may be seen as fundamentally hostile in the western sky – just don't take it personally!

"The north of the western edge of the sky are not very different from their brothers and sisters in the east … at least on the surface", Stark explains. "They are generally fair-skinned and strong, with a soft spot and enthusiasm for physicality, which helps them to survive the harsh winters. However, the people of this region, following the example of their great king, are somewhat less open-minded, somewhat more serious and also somewhat suspicious towards strangers. "

TESO: Greymoor - Skyrim fans expect the known and the new (5)

TESO: Greymoor – Skyrim fans expect the known and the new (5)

Source: Zenimax

Even if they are mostly of the same kind as those with whom you drank and adventures in other areas of ESO have denied, the north that you can meet in the western sky are still unique. "The north of the western edge of the sky enjoy stories and legends, songs and festivals with overfilled jugs"says Stark. "They appreciate family ties so much that they are also reflected in their political hierarchy. For their subjects, the Jarles of the Western heavens are all clan leaders, fathers and mothers."

TESO: Greymoor – An emerging darkness

The north of this part of Skyrim may be as tough as their eastern cousins, but the region remains politically unstable. "The term 'Great King' is synonymous with 'Lord of all the North', and as Jarl of loneliness and Haafingar, Svargrim takes this title seriously"Stark explains. "Great King Svargrim believes that he should rule both the western and eastern skies. He does not respect Jorunn the Scalden King and decided not to join the Alliance War on behalf of his people. His attitude towards all foreign countries – even the other North – is full of distrust, if not open hostility. "

TESO: Greymoor - Skyrim fans expect the familiar and the new (1)

TESO: Greymoor – Skyrim fans expect the familiar and the new (1)

Source: Zenimax

Despite Svargrim's attitude, the western sky is technically not at war with anyone – not even the Reikmannen in the south. However, a dark danger has started to threaten Great King Svargrim's country, which has created a tense political situation that you have to deal with.

"The Jarle of the other western hemlocks recognize Great King Svargrim as their ruler, but they have a lot of autonomy over their own empires. However, lately they have voiced their concerns about enforcing his authority over his isolationism – but they remain loyal to him. "

TESO: Greymoor – Descend into the Black Heart of Skyrim

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