Update from 5:56 p.m .:
The maintenance work is over, the server is back online, the first quest of the DLC Markarth can be accepted and all innovations can be tried out. Have fun! Click here for the official German patch notes from DLC Markarth and Update 28.

TESO: Markarth – Gameplay trailer for the new story DLC

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Today, November 2nd, 2020, the Markarth story DLC will be released Finale of the story "The Black Heart of Skyrim", which has cast a spell over fans of The Elder Scrolls Online for the whole year. The activation of the new content should take place in the course of the evening. The highlights of Markarth and the parallel update 28 read as follows:

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  • The finale of the black heart of Skyrim: Round up a group of dissimilar defenders against the threat posed by the Gray Company, put an end to the hideous plans of the vampire lord Rada al-Saran and complete the year-long adventure "The Black Heart of Skyrim" with unique content withheld from those who do Storyline of the chapter Greymoor completed.
  • Explore the Reik: Explore the Reik wilderness and the fearsome clans that call it home. Climb the ancient steps of the magnificent city of Markarth and venture into the hidden depths of the Arkthzand Cavern of Black Reach. More information can be found in the article Markarth – Preview of the area of ​​the upcoming Skyrim DLC.
  • Conquer the arena: Prove yourself in a solo arena, the Ground of Vateshran, designed to test your strength, cunning, and determination with challenging leaders, multiple unlockable paths, and powerful hidden secrets that can help you find the best Claim the honorary title of Spirit Blood Champion for you. You can find out more information in the article Vateshran's new solo arena by Markarth in preview.
  • New Item Set Collection with Update 28: This new "booklet" can be found in your collection and it also gives you an exact idea of ​​where you can find almost all item sets from ESO and which of them you have already found. You can find more information about this in the article Update 28's New Item Set Collection Preview.

The current maintenance work should be completed by 4:00 p.m. The official patch notes are due shortly in the official TESO forum be available. You can also find more information on the Overview page of the DLC Markarth.

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TESO: Teaser trailer for the upcoming DLC ​​Markarth

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